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Rock N Ride module working with FSUIPC?

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Hi there... this is my virgin post, so please be gentle!

Just curious if anyone out there is using a 'RockNRide' motion chair?

(More details on the chair here)

I'm using one with FS2002. It gets its data from a program called 'motion_linear_FS2K.exe' (requires msim.dll as per all RNR programs) which in turn gets its data FSUIPC.

My problem is that I am getting a 'rough ride' when using the RNR with Flight Sim. The chair is jerky and feels as though it moves in 5 or 10 degree increments, rather than a smooth operation as in other games, ie. Breakneck (N.I.C.E. 2). I'm putting this down to the 'motion_linear_FS2k.exe' program rather FSUIPC since FSUPIC appears rather stable and updated, compared to the other program.

I'd love to hear any feedback about your setup if you're running a RNR and if you have an updated version of the 'motion_linear_FS2K.exe' program. I have version, no other details or locations of updates in the 'Version' properties of the file.



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The chair is jerky and feels as though it moves in 5 or 10 degree increments, rather than a smooth operation

Are you running the chair driving program on the same PC as FS? If it is a heavy user of the processor it may have a tough time multiprocessing with FS as the latter wants as much as it can get. You could try limiting the frame rate in FS (Options-Settings-Display). For a fast PC (>2GHz) try something like 25-35 fps as a limit. For a slower PC, use something correspondingly slower -- down to 15 fps at the most on a 1GHz. This may give the other program more time.

You could also try giving it a higher priority. Not sure how to do this easily -- perhaps someone else will jump in. Maybe, if you are using Win98 an upgrade to XP would help -- I think it is rather better at multiprocessing applications, and it can certainly allow you to set different pririties.

Finally, it may be some limit on polling rate built into the driver -- possibly there's some parameter you can change to speed it up? Certainly FSUIPC is able to match the FS frame rate with updates -- it can do this even across a LAN using WideFS, so it can certainly do it locally. Ideally, if the FS frame rate is, say, 25 fps you want the polling rate to match (i.e. in this case at 40 millisecond intervals).

If, in the end, the driver just won't happily share the one PC with FS (and this is certainly a possibility) you could try using a separate, possibly lesser, PC, linked by a LAN and WideFS.



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Guest razel

the producer is motionsystems.de look on their homepage.

there are alot of profiles and drivers an a technical support

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