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Would love to see traffic into Gitmo (MUGM). There is a Monday Flight by Miami Air (727) from Norfolk NAS, to Jacksonville, FL NAS to Guantanamo then to Roosevelt Roads in Puerto Rico, reverse trip the next day. Same flights on Friday except operated by Continental (737). A cargo DC-8 flight from KMIA to MUGM occurs every wednesday morning (no company logos, just old and grey). Weekly C-17 flights occur from KCHS to MUGM where the fly down and spend an hour on the ground then return to KCHS. Finally, there are C-17 flights conducted at non-regular times from Bagram, Afghanistan to Incirlik AFB, Turkey, to MUGM. As FS2004 is my only relaxation here, would love to see this happen. Thank you for your great product.

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Also Fallon AFB KNFL-- in Nevada east of Reno is most probably active.

Hopes these few help a bit...........................

Fallon is most definitely active. It's the home of the Navy Fighter Weapons School, better known as TopGun. They moved from Miramar about 5 yrs ago when that base became a MCAS. Traffic there is going to be a mix of almost all Navy type aircraft, because along with the topgun school, it's also the primary weapons range for the west coast squadrons. F/A-18's, EA-6B's, F-14's, S-3's and the occasional F-5 aggressor aircraft for the topgun school.

Another base I'd like to see traffic at is Lemoore NAS in Lemoore, CA. It's the home of all the west coast F/A-18 squadrons, including the new Super Hornet. I believe it's KNLC. The base website is http://www.lemoore.navy.mil/ for easy reference. Traffic there would be mostly F/A-18's with the occasional transient aircraft of other types. They also have a couple Search and rescue helos based there.


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These are the most important military airports in Denmark:

EKKA (Karup)

EKSP (Skrydstrup)

EKVJ (Værløse)

EKYT (Aalborg, also civilian, I think the military section is to the north)

Incidently, a few days ago I landed at EKRK (Roskilde) and was astonished to see that most of the parking spots were taken by F-16's. In real life, this airport is a small civilian one with GA-traffic only. This was with MT2004/FS2004.

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Here are my military AI requests(which I hope can be applied before SP1 is released).



KMTC - Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Mount Clemens, Michigan(One of the largest installations of its kind servicing all military branches and Coast Guard)

Aircraft: A-7, F-16, F-4, C-141, P-3 Orion, C-130(ang and Coast Guard)

E-3, KC-10, C-141, KC-135

Frequency: Very Active 24/7 my guess 50-75 sorties per day depending

on exercises.


KAPN - Alpena, Michigan. Joint civilian/military(ang) installation.

Aircraft: A-7, F-16, F-4, C-141, C-130, E-3, KC-10, C-141, KC-135

Frequency: 24/7 Depends on military exercise schedules. Military traffic is mostly in the summertime. Aircraft units are flown here for training at the military Air to Ground Firing Range. On busy days, military sorites of 50 per day, on slow days 5-10, sometimes non at all.


KOSC - Oscoda, Michigan. The once SAC base for of Wurtsmith AFB. Although there are no longer military units here I would love to see how it used to be by putting in some military AI.

Aircraft: B-52, KC-135, KC-10, T-37

Frequency: 24/7 In its day, with perhaps 50 sorties per day ,very active however since its no longer a base I would like to see perhaps some activity here.


Thank you for considering my request.


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ETOU - Wiesbaden Army Airfield. Home of the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade.

I am currently working on an AFCAD2 scenery for this airbase which is very close to EDDF Frankfurt/Main, and thus an interesting distraction/obstacle for flights going into EDDF.

The base was used for reconnaissance and spy missions (mainly electronic warfare) which still occur on occasion. Right now it is also replacing Heidelberg airfield (US High Command airfield) because Heidelberg's runway is being reconstructed.


ETOU therefore has daily traffic with US military Citation and Learjets as well as occasional transports and helicopters. It is also the base for an armoured brigade.

My ETOU file which greatly enhances the default airstrip will be available as freeware on avsim.com soon.

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Thanks for that hint - I almost forget to look out of my window where I can see it :lol:

It will have traffic in version 1.1, but if you have an improved AFCAD2 I would welcome it - like any other AFCAD2 you want to be used.

I was quite impressed by the OV10s operating from there, but it got very quiet in the last years.

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Some Australian RAAF bases for you.

Amberley- YAMB - Mil, from memory I believe F18's and F111's operate from here but you would need to check that.

Curtin- YCIN - Mil/Civ

Darwin- YPDN - Mil/Civ

East Sale- YMES - Mil

Edinburgh- YPED - Mil P3 Orions

Garden Island (RAN)- YGAD - Mil (Civ Landings 24 hr prior notice)

Gingin- YGIG - Mil (civ with prior permission)

Jervis Bay- YJBY - Mil

Learmonth- YPLM - Mil/Civ

Nowra (RAN)- YSNW - Mil/CivOps with prior permission

Oakey- YBOK - Mil, Civ Ops confined to sealed surfaces

Pearce- YPEA - Mil

Richmond(NSW)- YSRI - Mil, Civ with prior permission

Scherger- YBSG - Mil

Tindal- YPTN - Mil/Civ, F18's,

Townsville/Townsville INTL- YBTLc - Mil/Civ

Williamson- YWIS - Mil (DSCO)

Williamtown- YWLM - Mil/CivOps ppr

Woomera- YPWR - Mil/ Civ 24hr ppr?

I got these out of ERSA, expect some are already in fs but I am too lazy to check. Hopefully some forum members who know what aircraft operate out of these AD's will add their comments.

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do you have a list of military base's, i wouldn't mind playing with some flightplans for military aircraft. but i have no idea of bases overseas.

do you need any from down under 'australia', i could always ask the guys at work about raaf and ran bases. might be able to find some info on army too.


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Version 2.1 will have a very detailed representation of the USAF. Problem with RAAF is that the only aircraft they fly and I have is the C130, all based at YSRI - the F18 is a project for later.

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Here are some for fans of the heavylifters , don't know if these have been noted. but they are the primary gateways for out and inbound cargo from the US .

KWRI = Mc Guire AFB , NJ ( mainly C141's /C5's with civillian cargo transports mixed in )

KDOV = Dover AFB , DE C5's , C141's

KCHS = joint use civillian / millitary . Mainly C17's and civillian freighters

from the above frequent destinations include EGPK (fuelstops) ETAR, EDDF ,OKBK and OBTH

KSUU - Travis AFB , CA - C5's / C17's

PAED - Elmendorf AFB , AK Fuelsotops for transports (F15/F16's based there as well as E3's , )

KTCM- Mc Chord AFB - Tacoma Washington C17's

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I think all of them are to be found if you follow

if you follow


By the way, I had a nice walk near to Long Beach under many walnut trees and suddenly there was a small airstrip. It was closed and well gaurded by a Singapore guy working for MyTraffic, the worldest largest aircraft manufacturer. I had to hide behind a tree, but could make a shot that I do not want to hide, just look at


Seems there is again a vacancy for some painters.

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if your looking for just afcads for military bases I have pretty much most of the ones listed already done.

You are more than welcome to use any of them in your release, all I ask is for my name credited.

All I fly FS9 for is military AI and I'm currently working on a PACAF package.

You can view most of my work herehttp://community.webshots.com/album/105407966mXDFEo




if you want to contact me my email is fla_panthers35 at yahoo dot com

just thought it could save you some valuable time :wink:

The site below lists all the active bases, units and tail codes.


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With version 2.1, there is more miltary movement in Europe, more airports, more aircrafts - but besides the Mirage flying in France there isn't a new European aircraft model yet. See the other post on how to start such a product. I think this could be a good project for the next year.

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I'm going to say:

RAF Wittering - EGXT in the UK.

It's actually my local airbase and I have overflown it a great number of times - so if needed, I can help with the AFCAD file! :-)

It's the home of two Harrier squadrons:

1 Sq. - Operate Harrier GR.7s and a photo of their markings is shown at:


20 Sq. - Are a training unit and operate Harrier T.10s - the markings are shown in this photo:


Regular visitors to Wittering include the Naval T.4s and a selection of various foreign fighters. The AWACs and other large transport aircraft tend to use Cottesmore, just up the road from Wittering.

Hope that can help you guys, if you need any more info on Wittering, drop me a line!


Chris Jephcott

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