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Gear control using VXD number and EPICINFO?

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Dear users,

I'm using EPICINFO for interfacing FS2K2 and EPIC USB. I'd like to adjust the FSUIPC offset 0xBE8 for gear control (down: 16382, up: 0). Somewhere I read about defining a (free) VXD number in EPL like this:

:Gear_down {enque16(BtnOn,1); // VXD no. 1

:Gear_up {enque16(BtnOff,1);

My questions are: can EPICINFO handle VXD numbers? And what would be the appropriate entry for FSUIPC_Write? I have two buttons connected to EPIC for my gear lever being in UP and DOWN position ('OFF' is not connected).

And last but not least: I VXD numbers are the wrong approach, what other possibility will I have?

Thank you all for any comments!



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I did it like this:

// First we define our incoming buttons

#define B_GEAR_UP	110
#define B_GEAR_DOWN	111

// And then we define the outgoing Buttons to Flight Sim

#define BO_GEAR_UP	1	// Device 1, Button 1
#define BO_GEAR_DOWN	2	// Device 1, Button 2

// Link the buttons to EPL Code

definebutton(B_GEAR_UP,	  on,	GEAR_UP )
definebutton(B_GEAR_DOWN, on,	GEAR_DOWN )



In the fs2002cfg
The big number after the joystick will probably be different for you.

[JOYSTICK_MAIN {6F1D2B71-D5A0-11CF-BFC7-444553540000}]

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Dear Stuart,

thank you very much for your hint! I'm going to try it later today... But actually I wanted to avoid editing FS2002.cfg (with _so_ many config files on my system). Is there any way that EPICINFO instead of FS2K2 catches the BtnPulse and then addresses the appropriate FSUIPC offset?

Maybe this sounds strange, but this is the way I like it 8) 8) 8)

As always: I appreciate every comment on that!


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Okay, I haven't tried this myself, but you could try something like:

In EpicInfo.cfg:


In your EPL:



They might end up the wrong way around, ie 1 may be down, and 0 may be up.

Let me know if this works. :)

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