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reading aircraft name from Offset &H3D00

Guest stefan braunewell

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Guest stefan braunewell

Hi guys,

whatever i have tried (reading the aircraft name from the 3D00 offset, my visual basic crashes).

has anyone an idea how to read that? maybe an example?

thanks a lot

stefan :cry:

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Guest hsors


You will need special coding techniques to read "0 terminated strings" in VB since there is no VB variable type that fits

Here is the code I used for such strings

Dim b(255) as byte 'defined a byte array (256 values)

Dim result as string 'will contain the final result

Dim i as integer

FSUIPC_Read (&H3D00,256,VarPtr (b(0))) 'read all bytes at offset 3D00 in byte array


For i=0 to 255

If b(i)=0 then exit for 'leave at last char

result=result+Chr(b(i)) 'otherwise adds to result (don't forget the Chr)


Hope it will helps


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I used the VB script on this POST to get the Aircraft name, it works. but it didnt worked on FS98 with FSUPC 2.974

Was that a problem of the FSUIPC version, or just that FS98 does not supper that offset?

Download the FSUIPC SDK and check the programmer's guide document. As it says against the offset 3D00 "Valid for FS2K only", with columns for FS2002 and FS2004 marked "Ok". This means the information isn't available from FS98.

Further to this, I do not know when FSUIPC started to obtain this data. If it was after version 2.974 then it won't be readable in FS2000 or FS2002 either, with that version. The documentation only refers to the latest version, always.



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