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Guest surviver

hello folks out there , im trying this widefs for the first time and i think i have got it hooked up correct thru the network i think.

let me see if i have this right, main com is a 2.2 mgz with all the fixins and the second com that i had around is a 600 mgz (i will up grade later ).

im just testing right now, im running three moniters on my one com , and i would like to share the load with the extra com, because with the more advance plane sims like phoenix 747 sim, i like to have all the windows up and running, well the frame rate is terrble.

i have the wideserver.dll and the wideserver.Ini in the FS 2k2, modules folder,and of course i have the latest version of fsuipc.

then on my on my client com i have placed the wideclient.exe and wideclient.Ini in a folder that i have named wideview, and placed it on the desktop, and then i made a shortcut of wideclient.exe and placed it on the desktop.

so far that is all i have done, i then loaded FS2k2 on my main com and so far so good and then i load wideclient.exe on the client and a white screen came up and at the top it says it is connected, im kind of lost on to where to go next.

can any of you find gentleman please help me, how do i get my other instuments over to the client.

Thanks camtech : :D

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Hi there,

I think that you are confusing widefs with wideview. Widefs is a program that allows you to run applications that need to talk to FS over a network without actually needing FS on all of the machines. It sort of tricks the program you are running into thinking that FS is there, but it is really just reading values from FS over the network.

Wideview on the other hand will let you run multiple views on different machines over a network. The website for wideview is http://www.wideview.it/ I haven't really tried it out so I'm not sure if you can run panels on the other machines.

I'm sure others will know more about this. :D

Hope this helps,


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Guest im confused

i thought widefs was a program that allowed you to use , moving maps , fmc, overhead panels, pedestals etc. on a diferant com so you would not need to bog down your main com.

is wideview just for views , and widefs for instrumentation and etc.

i have widefs set up , at least i think i do, i must be missing somthing because on mt client there is a screen that is saying it is connected but nothing is on the screen, im sure im missing somthing.

thanks Camtech

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Yes you're correct, wideview is for views and widefs is for instruments and external FS programs that use FSUIPC

I looked around some on the PSS website, but I couldn't tell if you can run the extra panels over a network. If you were able to, there would most likely be an exe file for the different panels like the FMS and overhead.

I have used widefs for the FreeFD glass cockpit software (http://freefd.homelinux.com/). To get it to work you start FS then start wideclient. The white screen would show and it would say that it is connected. Then you could minimize wideclient and start one of the glass cockpit programs like the ECIAS. So once the client is connected, you can minimize it and forget about it.

Like I said, I've never used PSS 747 so I'm not sure if you can run the panels on other computer. Maybe running 3 video cards from one computer is the only way to do this. Any one else have any input?


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