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WideClient Run/RunReady Problems


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Hi Pete,

Running Latest versions of WideServer/Client. When I use Run1 or RunReady1 to launch any of the FREEFD gauges (lets use nd.exe for example) the ND.EXE crashes with the nice windows XP error message:

"nd.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"

Here is the text from the logfile:

********* WideClient Log [version 6.50] Class=FS98MAIN *********

Date (dmy): 14/09/05, Time 12:00:09.953: Client name is SERVER2

750 E:\FS Support\FreeFD\nd.exe

766 Attempting to connect now

812 Connection made okay!

1078 New Client Application: "nd" (Id=3780)

Here is the USER section of the config



run1=E:\FS Support\FreeFD\nd.exe




No question that WideClient is launching the progam and it is a windows issue, however, this did work correctly (i.e. nd.exe launched with no issues) in my previous install. NOTE: when I do launch nd.exe manually, it runs fine. My main goal here is to get the Keysend functions working correctly (and I need the run1 to send keys to the right program).

I tried using runready and the delays for run and runready and still had the same result.

Sorry for the long message.

Can you think of anything ?


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AHHH.. I did some more research on the site and found the issue. I moved my wideclient program and config to the FREEFD directory and it works like a champ.

I think some programs expect to be run with the "current folder" set to their load folder. They should really not make that assumption -- it is easy enough to find out where you were loaded from.

This may have changed in Wideclient when I added the facilities to provide command-line parameters to the program being loaded. Possibly the way I had to do this also changed the new process's "current folder". I'll check this, as it wasn't intended to change anything which may have worked before.



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Could this post be related to my problem launching SA-WXR with RunReady?

I don't think so, because I run SA_WXR from its own folder using a WideClient run from its own folder. The same Wideclient actually starts up several different programs all in different folders.

However, having said that it may be related to spaces in folder names and the number of levels down in the folder structure the program is stored.

I have revised this area of WideClient and tested it here in a variety of complicated circumstances, and attach WideClient 6.503. By all means try it.




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Appears to have fixed my problem launching SA-WXR. All I did was download the update and place it in the existing WideFS folder

Just so I can understand that, can you tell me the full pathnames to both SA_WXR and WideClient, please? I think it must be related to path depth and spaces in pathnames. The latter, in particular, create big problems when trying to allow for parameters to be placed after the program name, and it is that which I was trying to rsolve in 6.500. I think it is right now, but I'd like to be sure.



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d:\AOG Weather Radar\SA WXR\sa_wxr.exe

Yes, it is the spaces in the names which confused my programming. Thanks for confirming.

Would you recommend I simplify the AOG folder name even though the problem is fixed?

No, no need. But I always find it more convenient for several things to keep away from such folder names. Just something to think about for the future. ;-)



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