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FS Military AI Traffic package questions.


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I just purchased this add-on last night from Simarket and so far, I'm pretty impressed. There are some bugs that I see early on though and I wanted to see if I need to patch the program or any other updates I may need for it.

At Miramar, I saw a Nimrod taxiing out to take off, but the lights were not attached to the aircraft. They were kind of floating in space off the wingtips and tail.

Again at Miramar, a Chinook was on final and it's props were rotating fine, then they stopped for a bit, started again, then stopped again.

Other questions, I haven't dug too deep into the file management structure of the new aircraft this add-on creates. I didn't see them in the aircraft menu in the program. Are they visible there?

Where are the aircraft folders located so I can work with the aircraft.cfg files in Traffic Tools? Will they show up in my traffic tools aircraft.txt? Where are the flightplans for this package kept so I can edit them to my liking? I might add a few aircraft to other airports (Key West NAS), edit some flight plans, and might even replace a few of the models with better detailed ones, etc.

Again, it's still very early in my experience with this software add-on but so far, I like what I see. It really adds to the AI Traffic experience.

Great job. :D

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Thanks for the nice review ;-)

I will check on the Nimrod lights.

Heli props as we can do it now behave like normal props. They do have a nasty strobe effect, at some RPMs they look like stopped or extremely skow, and I am not yet aware of a possibility to change the AI prop behaviour, it looks as if this is fixed in the Gmax to MDL process, even changing the numbers in an intermediate X file doesn't change it, so it an also be hardcoded into FS9.

Not to see the aircrafts in the selection is a wish of most users, since any aircraft in there slows down the selection process and FS9 startup. You will find in the \aircraft menu, two batch procedures, if I remember MyNavy-vis.bat and ...-unvis.bat.

Double clicking to the -vis will make the aircrafts visible, the -unvis unvisible again.

To make single aircrafts visible, go to the appropriate directory, \aircraft\Tornado_My as example, than you will see three air files.

The one that gets used is Tornado.air. If you delete this, make a copy of Tornado-vis.air and rename "Copy of Tornado-vis.air" to Tornado.air, you will only see the Tornado but not the rest of the military planes.

The flightplans are contained in the MyTraffic database, you can use the MyTraffic editor to manipulate them. Instead of hand-editing, I assume that you will prefer to use the preference settings to change the laws they have to follow, or the assignments to other models.

MyTraffic is based on Trafficdatabasebuilder for FS2005 from the MS SDK, therefore there is no support for the FS2002 tool Ttools. Schedules you make with that tool are displayed in FS9 with all oddities it brings.

Hope this helps

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