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Question with MyTraffic Editor


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I just downloaded MyTraffic v2.1. How do I use the editor function? I have the editor manual but cannot seem to find the actual editor. When I go to the MY Traffic folder and open it the listed file is not there. It says the file is called Mytrafficbase.myt. I don't see anything that remotely resemles that name.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Oh, and yes it is for FS2004. And I do NOT see the file MY Trafficbase.myt. I was just referring to that as that is what is highlighted on page 4 of 43 in the MY Traffic Editor 2004 Manual. It says ....Start My Traffic Editor. (I cannot)..Click on File>Open and find your database file. etc...

The only place I have the MY Traffic folder is in the FS9 directory. If I open it there is an addon file as indicated on the manual page 4. There are lots of other files listed. None open the Editor. And the above My Trafficbase.myt file is not listed.

Thank you

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Apologies for misreading your first post. Don't worry if there is no MyTrafficbase.myt file...it has been replaced with myt files of different names in more recent versions (the manual will be corrected soon).

There should, however, be a MyTraffic.exe file in the [Flight Simulator 9\MyTraffic] folder. If there isn't, I suggest you try reinstalling MyTraffic.

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Well a few days have gone by, and although I am generally pleased with this product, I wish I would have known that Traffic 2005 was available.

Anyway as far as the Traffic Editor, I do not see it. I have looked at every file, and there is no Traffic Editor.

Should I reinstall the program? Do I need to remove it first before reinstalling it? Why did the Traffic Editor not install to begin with and what will reinstalling the program accomplish?

The other thing I have noticed is that I still have one AI plane showing in my airplane list when I start FS2004. I was able to get rid of all of them by clicking on the file that was indicated, but I still have one left. How do I get rid of it? Why would you want AI planes listed here anyway?

Any help with these two questions would be greatly appreciated.

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The installation of the download version from Simmarket installs the editor and the actual database to

\MyTraffic\MyTraffic.exe resp


The question if users want the aircraft to show up is as old as Ai traffic, some want, some don't want. The solution is to provide both.

Which aircraft does still show up? This is not intended, nor was ever reported, but can easily be fixed by replacing the air file with one set for unvisible.

Concerning Traffic 2005, the best one can say that it is a fair sport to bet which aircrafts the authors intended to model. Look at their offical web page, http://www.justflight.com/en/(0izkwz55gznxn4i5mpvfp555)/index.aspx . There is a thumnail with a blue aircraft. Open that and tell us what you think it is. The cockpit is an Embraer, the nose an airbus, the wing a 757 :lol:

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Well I do not see either of the two files you list.

\MyTraffic\MyTraffic.exe resp


The one I have listed below, MT2004V21 when I double click on it a momentary DOS window flashes but nothing else happens. The first file you list I do not see.

I am going to list the files I have after installing Traffic 2004 to FS9. When I double click on the My Traffic folder in FS9 here are the files:



ex1 to ex10

MT2004v21, MYT file

My Traffic Internet explorer path

MY Traffic application

MY Traffic Editor2004v2.1 Microsoft Word file

MY Traffic 320

Traffic bat

Trafficdatabasebuilder 2004 application

Trafficlog, closed, global, line, mill, own Text documents

In the Addon folder:


These are all the files I have. I have tried to look at each one. None open the MY traffic Editor.

Any other ideas?

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What sort of file view do you have. What is called there "My Traffic Application" looks extremely like MyTraffic.exe, while "MT2004v21, MYT" file can't be anything MT2004V21.myt - just you may have chosen to hide known file extensions in the explorer options menu.

I will look into the ATR42. If the MyTraffic-unvis.bat didn't hide it, it may be that either the hidden air file has a wrong byte of there is a typo in the batch procedure.

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Here are the files again in the My traffic folder with their file extensions:

Addon folder

airport tutorial.htm




















Now when I double click on mtraffic.exe a dailog box opens with the message, "Welcome to MY Traffic". This file would not open previously. Is this the My Traffic Editor?

In the Addon folder:


Any luck on finding how to delete the one AI plane left in my list in FS2004? The plane is an ATR72.

Thank you.

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Sorry, I prepared it for you and forgot to upload yesterday, too busy day.

Replace the ATR air file with the attached and it should be gone.

Yes, you found the editor. Next go to the file menu and open the .myt database, and save under another name to be sure you can always go back, and than just start and have fun to modify a database and doing assembler programming by this :) .


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