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Updated to version 2.1a but still have light problems


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Hello Everyone,

I have updated to version 2.1a but I still have a lot of aircraft (mostly commercial jets and commuter props) with lights out of position.

I haven't modified anything - MyTraffic is completely stock.

I am running 1280x1024 screen resolution - but I wouldn't think that would have anything to do with it.

Any suggestions or fixes?

Thank you!

p.s. can't wait to get Naval AI! How do those AI helicopters work?? :)

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I downloaded the 2.1a fix which included the Beech99 - but the Beech 1900 still has a beacon and white nav light sticking off the tail, numerous airliners have nav lights and beacons off position - MD83, versions of 757 and MD11 come to mind right away.

I can fix them by hand by going into the aircraft.CFG but I have to keep going back to the sim and restarting to view the results until I get it right.

Is there an easier way to make such changes that I don't know about?

Thanks for the support!


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These lights are sometimes a nightmare, it seems FS9 does not allways position them at the same place, I fighted against this yesterday on the Nimrod - I got them correct, than suddenly they were off again...

They are put in aircraft.cfg. If you have selected the plane as yours, ( Make it visible as only one so that this process goes fast), than a simple select aircraft - selecting the same makes a reload of aircraft.cfg. so contact points and lights are changed, you do not need to restart FS9. Again this does work most of the times, sometimes not...

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Yeah, I've figured out how to adjust them. It's a slow process so I'm doing a few aircraft here and there. It's only a something you notice on the ground when you're close to AI.

Thanks for your support. I am definitely adding the Naval package soon.

One more thing - I have MyTraffic set at 80%. I am seeing lots of regional jets and turboprop airliners at general aviation airports where there should only be light GA aircraft.

I don't want to get rid of the small airliners, I just want to make them stop going to GA-only airports.

Is there a simple way to take them out of the GA airports without having to disable each individual airport they fly into?

Once again - many thanks for your help!


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The most powerful knob to turn for this is the parking radius.

MyTraffic gets info from all airports, as they are installed. The GA airports only have ramps. The turboprops and the jets are allowed for ramps. You can view up the radius an aircraft needs with the MyTraffic editor.

Basically the required radius is half the aircraft length+5%, a an aircraft fits comfortably into the circle.

For the larger turboprops or regional jets, this is 15-18m, so they will use all airports that have 18m ramps.

Smaller ones have 12 or so m, so will also use the medium size ramps.

All GA aircraft have less than or equal 10m.

So, any airport equipped with medium or large ramps will be visited by commuters, those with 10 or less not.

Some of the GA airports do have medium or large ramps. The info that is contained in the airports about the airport class often is useless, class F airports often have airlines now, and class E or D no more.

Now, you have a couple of choices how to attack the problem.

Choice one: You only bother about a few airports. Than you could set all parkings to 10 m using AFCAD2, and go the "import aiports.txt" way in the editor. Suitable for your home and neighboorhood. You can also only change the maximal radius in the editor of the ramps of that airport to 9m, but that will be overwritten once you import airports, so is only a fast fix for testing.

Second choice: Increase the radius the specific series uses. This is simply done by editing a series and changing the length - when you look again you will see the radius changes.

So, by stretching the Beech1900 to 2800cm length as example it will no longer be scheduled for Medium ramps, only for large ramps and gates.

Third way:

Again in the editor, go to the departure dialog of the specific airport. In most cases, it will only be a few airlines like United Express or so which visit that airport, so select a flight of that Airline in the schedule and press mark forbidden. A preference entry for that airline with probability factor 0 will be created.

You can of course combine all three methods.

In all cases, after you did this, run a Create schedules, files and traffic. Schedule this that you do it before going to bed or to work, since it takes a few hours - you changed the world and the world schedules will be recreated.

In any case, share the result with us. Tell us which airports you think should be GA-only - MyTraffic is far away from ultimate, it is in its beginning and I have projects and ideas for at least a decade of growing :lol:

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