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I'm new to this forum. I have MyTraffic, the download version, 2.1 and I have to say its one of my favourite add-ons.

I just have a question regarding missing call signs.

I previously used Edit Voice Pack ver 3 but I uninstalled it prior to installing MyTraffic as I heard they aren't compatible. I also restored the original 'usenglishbig.gvp' file using CD2 from FS9.

After installing MT2.1, I installed the file MyTrafficSound2005US and it ran fine and completed on its own.

However, occasionally I do hear only a flight number, with the actual call sign missing, for both airline or military aircraft.

Is there something I should be doing, or shouldn't have done in the installation process that might cause this?

I appreciate any help.


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All you could have done is case you identify which airline it is to tell us, together with the language version you do have, so that we could have checked for the reason. But the MyTraffic 2006 callsigns are finished and will be uploaded the next days, redoing them for just a few sounds is out of any question. I found a few missing sounds in there and a few not fitting to all languages, but there may still be one in.

This will contain a complete Editvoicepackdata.xml for those of you familiar with EDVP and in the lucky situation that it does run on their system, you can combine this with any vcpmods etc...

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Thanks for the reply.

I did download and install Microsoft's traffic toolbox which allowed me to identify at least one of those missing airlines. In this case it was a B732 having 'Wind Zip' for its call sign at Vancouver (CYVR) airport.

And Im using the US version if it helps.

Just out of curiosity, if I was to install EditVoicePack 3, what order of install is working for some people? Would one install MT2.1 then EVP3 and make sure not to install the soundpatch for MyTraffic?

Thanks again for the reply.


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Interesting - I checked and MyTraffic does not contain a B732 with callsign WInd Zip or similar, so this must come from another product - clear that the MyTraffic supplied Voicepack does not know it. By the way, which airline is it?

Do the following:

Load the newest MT2006 soundpatch, from were comes in a few minutes. Install it. Under MyTraffic\addon, you will find a file EditVoicePackdata.xml.

Install EDVP case you haven't doen already, its order is of no interest, because it installs outside of MSFS. This contains a file called EditVoicePackData.xml, make a backup of it.or rename it to OriginalEditVoicePackData.xml. Put MyTraffic\addon\EditVoicePackdata.xml into the EditVoicePack program directory, and best restore the original Sound file from CD2.

Now you are in the comfortable position that you can just fire up EDVP and reproduce the MyTraffic file, but can use the "view missing" item and add the remaining call signs, either from the stock EDVP mods contained, but not used, from from Importing vcpmod files.

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Thanks Burkhard,

Yes after looking into mytraffic editor I don't see Wind Zip in there either. Something else showed up a little while ago while flying, it was the default Lear 45 with the call sign 'LifeGuard' which also appears to be missing, obviously not on the MYTraffic list of sounds.

I think this all stems from a corrupt/incomplete uninstall of Ultimate Traffic. I checked the default traffic bgl and it is renamed with a 'passive' extension, however there is also a plain 'traffic.bgl' which I don't believe should be there, correct? I think I am over due for a complete system reformat and reinstall FS9 and all.

Anyhow, FYI Wind Zip is a failed low-cost airline operating under Air Canada to compete mainly with West Jet, but its now out of business as far as I know. Their website redirects people to Air Canada's main site now.

So just to clarify about MT2006 soundpatch, Install it as per usual and let it run afterwards to complete. Then move the EVP.xml file to replace the original EVP one once EVP3.0 is installed. After that, do I run EVP and let it compile sound file? If I understand this correctly, then I will have EVP modify the already modified (by MT) USenglishbig.gvp file but still having the MyTraffic call sings recognised.


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Just to clarify on order of installation.

I just tried running EVP3.0 after MTsoundPatch but EVP3.0 won't start. I get an error that refers to the original FS9 sound file having been modified. So would it be safe to assume that EVP has to be installed before running MTsoundPatch?

I'm still confused as to what is being acheived by placing the EditVoiceData.xml from MT addon folder to replace the one in EVP.

Are we supposed to have installed and ran both EVP3.0 and the MTsoundPatch? IF so, which one should be the last to modify the .gvp file? :cry:

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Ok, I just restored the original sound file from CD2 then installed EVP3.0.

I then copied the EditVoicePack.xml file from MT/Addon folder to replace the original under Edit Voice Pack. Then I ran UPDATE Voice Pack in EVP3.0 and it went OK.

I then ran View Missing from EVP expecting to see a whole bunch of missing callsigns, and to my surprise there were none other than the Manufacturer callsign for the ERJ145MY showing SILENT.

So, it seems that EVP now is recognising all MT callsigns as well as its own. There really is no need to install the MTsoundPatch at all, is there? Am I missing some huge step here cos it just seems too easy.

And just out of curiosity, the EditVoicepack.xml in MT/Addon, is that file the most up to date? Or is there an updated one out there?

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Hi, you found out everything yourself.

There are two ways in MyTraffic to apply the sound correction now and since ever:

a) Application of the Patchsound to the stock or a MyTraffic Patchsound previous version sound file leads to complete ATC voices for MyTraffic, this file works well in FS9.

b) Instead of that, application of the EditVoicepackdata.xml supplied with MyTraffic ( in this case MT2006, which is the latest ) to the stock sound file leads to exactly the same ATC voices and work well in MyTraffic.

The two resulting files only differ by a few bytes that EDVP seems to set between the old part and the added part. If I tell Patchsound to add these too, unfortunately the file does not work in FS9 any more, and there I am stock.

So, IF you are famililiar with EDVP and want to use that to manage your voice, you fourn out how to do so and can continue with this.

If you just do not want to bother about it, the Patchsound is a simple way to have MyTraffic sounfs running.

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