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MSF9 reinstall


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I've recently reinstalled MSF9. I had a problem unrelated to My traffic and now after the reinstall the traffic doesn't run the same. For instance I still have the MS default traffic, and not as much traffic as I had before. At the departure airport it seems there is a variety of airlines, but at the arrival airport there are many more default traffic and the other aircraft just idnentify with tail numbers only even though I've chosen Airlines in the set-up.

I've read about scenery under and over but I don't understand what you're talking about.


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I would uninstall and re-install MyTraffic as well.

But in either case, under FS9 folder/scenery/world/scenery folder, once you open that you'll see a whole bunch of traffic*****.bgl files. There is one that MyTraffic renames by adding a ".passive" extension to it and thats the default FS9 Traffic35467.bgl (Numbers will be different I believe). My guess is that after re-installing FS9, the original is back and has to be renamed.

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Thank you for the quick response.

I see the files in the path that you're talking about, unfortunately I must have deleted the original downloaded version of my traffic because I can't fine the original Zip file or any record of the activation Pin number.

Since I've reloaded MS9 twice I now have three folders. World, World (2), and World (3) and My traffic files are in all three.

What a mess.

I'm wondering if I should just delete the World (2) and World (3) and all the other files I have the (2)'s (3)'s behind them or would I get into an ini file problem. AT this point I'm willing to delete everything in MSFS9 and starting from the beginning. What do you think?

I don't have a problem repurchasing the product if that is what it takes to reload it because I love My Traffic.

I want to get everthing straightened out before I load Radar Contact.

Fred Young

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Deleting the World (2) and World (3) directories should not affect MyTraffic. If you have a trafficbat file in your FS9 directory, I suggest running it. This will recompile all the MyTraffic bgl files and place them in the [scenery\World\Scenery\] directory.

Also, please run PatchSound.exe locate in your [Flight Simulator 9] directory. This will patch the sound pack so you can hear the correct call signs.

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