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My Traffic 2.1 download Help


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I purchased My Traffic and can not get the files to unpack.

Keep getting:

CRC Error cannot install the following.

C:\Priogram Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator9\Aircraft\c182MY\TEXTURE.My11\c182_t.bmp.

You will have to run this utility again to completely install My Traffic 2004 Version 2.1

No matter how many times I run the utility it stops at the same file.

In another download I am missing TEXTURE.MY21\c182_t.temp

They both occur at the 55% range.

Infortuately I had a download that loaded 99% before an error and over wrote it.

fred young

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Hi Fred,

It sounds like your anti-virus software is preventing the installation routine from completing normally. Disconnect from the internet and disable your antivirus software before running the installation file. Don't forget to reenable your anti-virus software once the installation has completed.

If the problem continues to occur, try using a (different) download manager to download the file.

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By trial and error I finnally loaded it. :D

Actually, after downloading into a saved folder in My Documents, I did a "Run" directly before closing the web site. It loaded the first try and is now in MSFS9. I made a couple to short test flights and its great.

I will keep your advice in mind for future reference.

Thank you very much for a quick response.

Instead of trying to delete all the reinstalled files (in my other thread above) I did a "complete manual uninstall" of MSFS9 as described on the Microsoft site. That is by deleting the complete folder, program data files, and registry files. A complete cleaning you might say.

Now, since I completed that process and got rid of some of the old files I've accumulated through the last couple years in FS9, I'm running much smoother. I think sometimes you get blamed for cockpit problems that are unrelated to this Addon. For all that's involved....... scenery that moves! :o I must say, it couldn't be smoother.

I can't imagine flying without realistic MY Traffic.

I was happy to see the sound patch files were incorporated in the dowload as well.

Thanks for a job well done,


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