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Could you please tell me is it possible using FS2004 and the default 737-400 to control the five functions of the auto brake using a rotary switch via FSUIPC.

Yes, of course, though it has 6 positions not 5.

If the rotary switch is a rotary encoder, giving pulses on one button in one direction, and on another in the other, then you could program it directly in FS in any case -- FS supports a "DECREASE AUTOBRAKE" and an "INCREASE AUTOBRAKE" control as it stands. You can access these through FS's Button page drop-downs too.

If you do really mean a rotary switch with separate wired connections to give different button inputs on each of six positions, then use the added FSUIPC control (also in the drop downs) called "Autobrake set". You use the Parameter field too -- 0 for RTO, 1 for Off, 2-5 for 1,2,3,Max. Just program each position in turn, in the Buttons page.



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YES! Thank you, I've been looking for this everywhere! Just made my own gear retract/autobrake console; got the gear working great, was just confused about autobrake. I know this thread is years old, but it saved my sanity. THANKS AGAIN!

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So: in the end, I successfully configured the retract, autobrake and autothrottle disconnect features, as well as individual thrust reverser function for each reverser lever on my custom throttle levers (mounted on Saitek throttle quadrants...the quadrant's normal reverser feature is now disabled with a lockout plate). Now to finish the quadrant with fuel cuttoffs & a parking brake, as well as finish the overhead console and wire everything up. FSUIPC was hit-and-miss at first, but doing so got me better acquainted with it and all goals were accomplished.


What I would like to emphasize is that, in my experience with the autobrake, it is best to not wire up the OFF function, but rather to configure RTO (position 0) and 1 (position 2) to automatically revert to position 1 for OFF when switching out of either RTO or 1 to OFF. After everything is configured, the on-screen autobrake switch will rapidly flick once to OFF and then go to 2 when switching from 1 to 2. The reason why I deleted the OFF wire was because when I went to the FSUIPC configure screen, there was a perpetual keypress causing an audible, repetitive keystroke "ding" that can only be eliminated when a wire is disconnected. In this case, it made sense for the OFF wire to be decommissioned. The same theory worked for my 737 gear retract lever. It's best to have one circuit disabled in those features.


Thank you, Mr. Dowson, for FSUIPC (FS2004 version) and the inspiration to start using it to its fullest potential. It was worth every penny spent. Looking forward to many more years of simming to come!

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