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I'm not sure if this interests you or not, apologies if its just a waste of space.

Have you taken a look at Susan's gauge blog at http://blogs.technet.com/engauged/

Its all over my head, but could it provide an answer to making the AdvDisp transparent?

She seems to include lots of hints that aren't mentioned anywhere else in any of the MS SDK's

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Its all over my head, but could it provide an answer to making the AdvDisp transparent?

No, not as it is. It isn't a gauge. It is relatively easy to make gauge windows transparent. Gauges use FS's graphics systems. I suppose I could make Advdisplay into a gauge, but it would then need installing as a gauge not as a module. And it's a lot of work which I realy cannot undertake at present.

I can actually make the current AdvDisplay transparent on some systems, depending upon the operating system and the video drivers and whether FS is in Windowed mode or full screen. Most things are easier in windowed mode assuming WinXP SP such-and-such, and decent recent video drivers.

But it is a mess. If I had left in the facility I developed I would have been inundated by support requests, asking why it doesn't work on such-and-such a setup, and so on. And the demand for transparency in AdvDisplay really has been pretty much negligible over the years.



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