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Pete Dowson

List of current supported versions

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Current Released Versions of Supported Programs
Download from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson , but please give time for the web-site administrators to catch up with latest releases on the actual day of release!

There will also often be interim updates available for download from here -- look at the appropriate announcement please. Interim updates may contain new facilities for testing or evaluation, or bug fixes, or both.

Note that all the versions listed below as FS2004 compatible are also compatible with the official Microsoft update (FS9.1) released in October 2004. Similarly all versions listed as compatible wth FSX will work with the original release of FSX and also with the SP1, Acceleration or SP2 updates, and Prepar3D versions 2.5 to 3.4.

Also note that I can no longer support FSUIPC3 usage on FS98, CFS1, CFS2, FS2000 and FS2002. Users of those old simulators can continue using old versions of FSUIPC but I offer no support.

FSUIPC 3.999z9b (January 2016) -- for FS2004
[but note that interim versions here may include corrections]
Registration at http://secure.simmar...n-fsuipc3.phtml

FSUIPC 4.974 (March 2018-- for FSX, FSX-SE and P3D 2.5, 3.0 - 3.4)
[but note that interim versions here may include corrections]
Registration at http://secure.simmar...n-fsuipc4.phtml

FSUIPC 5.15 (November 2018 -- for P3D 4 only)
[but note that interim versions here may include corrections]
Registration at http://secure.simmar...n-fsuipc5.phtml

FSUIPC SDK Latest Release (March 2018)

but also see updated offset details installed by FSUIPC installers!

WIDEFS 6.999 / 7.999 (January 2017) and later -- FS2004 compatible *
but WideClient 7.148 (August 2018)
Registration as WideFS6 for FS2004 and before at
Registration as WideFS7 for FSX or P3D at

PFC.DLL 2.41 (May 2013) -- FS2004 compatible *
PFCFSX.DLL 4.45 (May 2017) for FSX/P3D1-3 *
PFCcom64.DLL 5.01 (June 2017) for P3D 4 only*
PFCHID.DLL 1.35 (2013) for FS9/FSX/P3D1-3 *
PFChid64.DLL 5.01 (June 2017) for P3D 4 only*

GA28R.DLL 1.00 (27th June 2007) -- FSX/ESP only *
This is a streamlined driver for the Aerosoft GA28R console, working closely in conjunction with FSUIPC4
(version 4.30 or later needed). Currently it is only available on request to Pete Dowson.

GPSout 2.601 (15th November 2005) -- FS2004 compatible.
Not needed for FSX or ESP -- GPSout facilities are built into FSUIPC4.

AutoSave 1.501 (29th December 2004) -- FS2004 compatible
This version was actually released somewhat belatedly on 2nd Jan 2006!
Not needed for FSX or ESP -- AutoSave facilities are built into FSUIPC4.

FStarRC 2.30 (February 2012)

MakeRunways 4.84 (November 2017) and later
FSX, FSX-SE, P3D and mostly FS9 compatible.
Only compatible with P3D4 with AddOnOrganizer installed (see documentation in the ZIP).

Data suited to FStarRC and Radar Contact versions 2 through 5.

Also, now obsolete or completely unsupported in any case:

GFdisplay 1.24 (21st March 2007) -- FS2004 and FSX/ESP compatible *
Better to use the Lua GFD library nowadays

ESPIPC: Use FSUIPC4, version 4.70 or later.

Esound 2.572 (8th October 2003) -- for FS2004 *
Use the Lua sound library instead

EPICINFO 4.22 (9th December 2003) -- for FS2004 *
A Beta for FSX/ESP, 4.93, reportedly working okay, called EPICINFO5, is available for download in this Forum.

AdvDisplay 2.14 (4th November 2005) -- for FS2004
No longer being developed even for new versions of FS. Now using internal FS windows

* means these modules need FSUIPC (FSUIPC3 on FS2004, FSUIPC4 on FSX/P3D1-3, and FSUIPC5 on P3D4 )

Best regards,
Pete Dowson


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