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My Trafic 2006 and Frame Rates


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To whom it may know:

I was a user to Ultimate Traffic and I experienced a heavy impact on frame rates becasue of it, so I uninstalled it.

How much would be the impact of My Traffic 2006 on frame rates in comparison?

I have a Pentium 3.2GHz with an ATI 9800 PRO 256MB video card

Thanks for your advise


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On laptop with a 3GHZ HT P4, 512MB Ram, FX5600 64MB ,and traffic 2006 at 100% on beta version i get 10-15 fps average. i got it set to max 15 fps. lowest i get is 6/7. And i got scenery turned up so i can fly at simflyers kjfk. These results are at simflyers kjfk and kewr. KEWR is a bit better since it is default. I have yet to try it on my desktop with 256MB FX5500, 1GB Ram(just installed today :D:D ), and AMD 2800+

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MyTraffic 2002 and 2004 V1.0 has been using the same aircraft as UT, the well known PAI aircraft licensed from them. In Version 2.1, allmost all aircraft got replaced by newly made that models, that are much faster in framerate - MT2006 has improved in this further. Framerate is no longer dominated by the optical models, but by the time it takes FS9 to track them through the air, something we cannot change. In this MyTraffic has the "disadvantage" that compared to UT it has not only much more airliner and commuter flights taking place, but also a lof of GA and all the military traffic.

So some users prefer, to have a fluent simming, to run with 60% traffic density set, and consider the 100 as a spotter only mode. Using the editor, you can rather easily modify the traffic to react on the slider, as example that at 50% setting you still have 75% of all airliners and commuters, but only 25% of GA and military aircraft if that is your preference, that will make the skies clearer without completely missing the other traffic.

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