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Performance probs MT2006


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I bought MT2006 the other day as my first AI Traffic add-on and I'm having problems with stutters. The system was fine running 100% default traffic but now even at the default airports with traffic at 10% the stutters are driving me mad.

My system is AMD 64 x2 4400, 1gb ocz dual channel, 7800 GTX 256mb, Audigy 2ZS, 74gb 10,000 rpm and 300gb 10,000 rpm. That should be enough to run it?

Any tricks or help will be greatfully recevied.

David G

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Hi David, there can be various reasons for stutters. Here's the link to the blog of one of the FS developers on the subject:


Acc to the a.m. blog, one conclusion could be - despite some developers saying the opposite - to lock the framerate at a reasonable level (perhaps try it somewhere in the mid and low 20s?). The next possibility could be to select a setting you could live with at a notch less... :-) I'ld suggest by starting to reduce the traffic slider to 80% and see what happens in your environment. Another one is to uncheck either 'IRF only' or 'General aviation' in the traffic settings.

For interest sake, where exactly are you experiencing these stutters? Is it global or only at dense airports/cities? Military airports, etc? A description of the circumstances and your observations would be great. Cheers in advance

Good luck and kind regards


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Yes, please, give me an example. Stuttering at 10% AI density is something I never can reproduce. 100% may require a bit of tunig the parameters, but 10% shouldn't.

By the way, you are using WIndows XP 32 or 64? On a system testing 64, I still have awful performance since the video drivers are still very poor.

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That I could understand, that with 100% AI density some of your other sliders are too high for your hardware and installed add ons, and with 50% it is OK. But with 10% must have another reason, it has been claimed twice now and I really want to test and look for it and fix it.

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Thanks for the replies.

I checked alot of what you guys say already.

The default traffic bgl is marked as .passive.

All my drivers are upto date including Direct X. My video driver is 78.01 as the newest one causes texture problems as others have experienced. I'm running XP 32.

I have the problem when ever more than a couple of AI planes are in view. If I pan around parts of the airport with no AI displyed on the screen it's smooth but stutters when they come into view. Before MyTraffic, 100% AI at the Default Paris CDG flying the default 747 with ASV running frame rates where in the high 80's and no stutters. I've lock it to 25fps while trying to solve this but that made no difference. I've also tried setting it with 10% AI IFR only and no GA but still the stutters are very bad. In the air no problems at all 80+fps all the way. I was really happy with my set up after some tweaking as the image quality was great and blurries were gone now back to square 1.

I will gladly test anything in an attempt to fix this for me and anyone else affected just tell me what and how.

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Here comes my protocol from taxiing around at LFPG like completely drunken - good I have no license, it would have been revoked anyways by now forever.

System: Athlon 64 3000+, 1GB, GF6600,SATA I disk.

LFPG on ground, all sliders set 1 step above MS defaults:

Framerate without any traffic 23 fps, with 100% 19 fps, so delimiter set at 17 as the maximal meaningful setting.

AI 100%: Making sharp 360 degree circles, stutters of up to 3 frames I would estimate show up whenever the terminal buildings with all the aircraft come into view.

Reducing the AI slider to 50% makes these stutters to a 1 missing frame, as one might expect, always apperearing in the second the textures get applied.

Reducing the the slider to 10%, no change, these one missing frames remain. The number of aircrafts monitored with the traffic explorer went down from 350 to 38, so the AI density slider works as assumed.

Switched off the AI traffic. Guess what, stutter remained. Had to set the scenery complexity to sparse to get it away.

Slowly increased it again, at about 40-50% the one frame stutters appeared again, to be at the non acceptable 3 frame level with 100%.

Installed the working part of the "Notebook version" next, the Airbus and Boeings are done, the rest not yet. Improved significantly, at 100% now 1-2 frame stutters, no more at 40%, until I switch scenery complexity to medium, than the 1 frame stutters again.

So far for the protocol.

My conclusion:

a) Stock LFPG has a problem, that switches in with medium scenery complexity. :?: The density slider should have little effect on airports designed for FS9 using LOD scenery, is LFPG not written for FS9?

b) Framerate is well under control now, but the better we get that the more we feel the stutters.

c) Symptoms are the same almost independent of the hardware :?:, only the framerate depends, if you have the framerate delimiter at 10% below the minimal framerate as the maximal allowed value.

d) What I'm doing with the "Notebook version" seems to go into the right direction, so that has to be followed now with priority. It seems not only add on airports, but even stock airports may be places where even a fair hardware gets to the limits.

e) On the longer run, it means that the hope that faster hardware can solve performance bottlenecks does not hold. Moore's law isn't valid anymore anyways, within the last 12 month computers got 20% faster only ( and as far as I know FS9 does not make any use of a second CPU)

That means, that reduction of I/O load and programming for extreme performance has to be continued and given priority now above anything else, even for "high end systems".

f) Thinking one step further, in a year from now VISTA will take it's toll, as the rumors of the grafic options in FSX will. There is enough to experiment how to further increase the perfromance - long GMAX sessions ahead :)

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I still have the same problems as Garrody.


I have disabled the Autogen/default.xml, locked my framerates at 16, tried adding DXTn=0 to cfg, disabled USA Roads, set ASC cloud textures to 64x64, enabled mips, turned down all sliders to just above minimum and, at 40 percent AI, I still get the stutters when I taxi into view of any AI aircraft. The framerates are unchanged and are completely acceptable, but it's the stuttering that makes it bad. I don't think it's my computer. Everything up to date and clean. Flight Sim runs without stuttering at very high frames (if unlocked) but just add an AI or two, and the stuttering starts (at any airport)


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Sorry, pressed the wrong button.

This stuttering observed at various places and various systems is a new symptom, or is it just the fact that the better framerates the new models give make it better visible.

One idea I have is that it may be associated to the new models built in FS9 format, compared to the old FS8 format, both are very different and the better framrate while more aircrafts and traffic comes from the new Format and its options mainly.

New format a quick view are

A320,A321,B707,B707,B737-200,B767,B772,B773,B773ER, all DC8, all DC9, L1011, Caravelle, Comet IV, Concorde, Embraer170-195, CV440, BAe146, Cessna 206, all the Navy aircraft, that should be the bulk.

So for a broad test to identify if this is the source of the missing frames, please for a moment do the following:

Move the directories

A320_MY, A321_MY, B707_MY, B737-200MY, B767_300MY,B772_MY,B773_MY,B773ER_MY,BAe1461_MY,BAe146_MY,BAe146_MY,C135_MY,C206a_MY,C206w_MY,CH47_MY,CH53_MY,Comet4C_MY,Conc_MY,CV440_MY, all the DC8 and DC9_MY, E2C_MY, E3A_MY, EA6_MY, EF2000_MY,Emb170(-195)_MY,F14_MY,F18_MY, Goshawk_MY, Harrier_MY, Hawk_MY, L1011_MY, Nimrod_MY, P3_My, Rafaele_MY, S3a_MY, SE210_MY,SH3_MY,SuperEtendard_MY,Tornado_MY,UH1_MY,UH60_MY

out of the aircraft folders to a save place. Start FS9 again and increase the AI slider to have sufficient traffic again. Are the stutters gone? If positively confirmed on several systems, we would know in which direction to search.

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Dear David Garrody

Make sure that the AMD cool'n'quiet driver is NOT installed.

Make sure that the AMD cool'n'quiet is DISABLED in your BIOS

There is an issue with cool'n'quite and the AMD X2 CPU's and can definitely account for stutters in FS.


Dave Britzius

(Cape Town)

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Thanks for this valuable information, you can move them back. This covers well with a few other reports and my experiments that it isn't the FS9 aircraft format, but just the texture size. I do not know how one can monitor how much of the video adapters memory gets assigned to the texture buffer. It looks like as soon as this is full, and another texture has to get loaded, it has to create a free place, and this interupts.

Next think I would recommend to you to try the notebook version, which is orders of magnitude more friendly to texture memory.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok I have installed the NB edition of the textures and the stutters are still bad. I was puzzled by the removing mip maps for the NB version. My graphic card is now worked even harder trying to recreate the mips causing shimmers on the AI aircraft.

I uninstalled MyTraffic2006 then downloaded every PAI package from their site and installed them. I turned traffic form the 20% I had set it for MyTraffic up to 100% and loaded the sim. To my surprise my airports were totally packed and the stutters gone. Frame rate was a little down but the airport was alive, a situation MT2006 I thought would get me to. I hope a fix is to be found as I'm a little disappointed that I can't use the program I bought without killing my sim experience.



*Garrody account is not working so I made a new one but I is him :) *

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