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PAI and Mytraffic2006


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Here's a question for you. I'm not even sure this would even work. Project AI has several airline packages that you don't have. Some even don't exist anymore like Bourban and Midway airlines. At least I don't think you have either of those airlines. How would I be able to use PAI packages and set them up in Mytraffic2006 so that they only appear in certain years? fictitious example: if PAI had an airline package of Western Airlines which operated from say 1972 through 1985, would you be able to use the mytraffic editor to be able to put that airline in and have it only appear during that time period?

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I'm not familiar with PAI installers, so maybe somebody else can comment on this more profound.

The problem with PAI is that it is not based on Microsofts SDK for FS2004 (resp. 2002), but on a home brewn tool for for FS8 called ttools. That had it's merits before the SDK for FS2002 came out end of 2002, but now we are three years later and either they could have switched to the SDK meanwhiles, or could have at least changed the ttools source format to be as Microsoft published. ( The biggest problem with add ons to MSFS is that designers love to use the oldest, most obsolete tool that can be still used with a given Simulator).

As far as I know, PAI creates separate traffic bgls for each airline, and these can live together with the MyTraffic ones as long as they do not drown the airports.

This said, with a little bit of handwork it should be possible to get the schedules into the editor. You will have to add the airline, the types and a few planes (registrations) first, than the TTools to SDK converter should be able to convert the decompiled PAI schedules to SDK format, or you better use the automatic scheduling.

Once the airlines , the types and the planes are made, including the correct years, I propose that we collect the import files here under a sticky post, maybe I find the time to make a small example the next days.

Of course, I would prefer to make a new paint on the MyTraffic aircrafts, since at least most of them are more realistic and more detailed, and all of them are much less demanding on computing power.

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I checked there really are very very few packages that are interesting for more than a very special time and location and not available in MyTraffic, Midway I think the only prominent one.

If we want to fill the gaps, we have to do it ourselves I'm afraid.

Tonight I worked on the DC9-30 to bring it to current state, once it is there ( and the DC9-10 too) we will go and make lots of paints of DC9-10-30-40-50s, it will fit into the darker times nicely - enough to do over the christmas time.

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