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I have installed 2006 and am very happy. In the proportions windows, I left all catagories at 0 except fro GA which I set at -200. Will this result in 100% GA and 50% of all others at 50% MS Traffic Density setting? Is there any way to increase GA beyond 100%?

Seperately, if anyone is principally a GA user and has found proportional and Traffic slider settings they are happy with, please feel free to post.

Many thanks for another great product.

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Hm, it is the other way round. If you set it to -200, you will experience at 1% density setting still 2/3 of the GA traffic and 99% of the big irons on strike.

To increase the overall amount of schedules creates, change the ini_ramp vaiable to a higher value - but I doubt the GA airports will be able to handle things much beyond what MyTraffic delivers. So the best thing for a hell of GA traffic would be that you choose an approriate airfield with multiple runways, using AFCAD2 add hundred or more GA small parkings, update the database to know this airport ( import airports.txt ) and create new schedules, files and traffic.

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At 100% AI settings, you get 100% of the created schedules to be perfromed by FS9.

The numbers you enter into the four fields are what I call die out point. So if you enter the default 0, at 1% settings there is (almost) no traffic, and at 50% there is 50%.

You set the die out at 50%. That means that that sort of traffic is away already at 50% AI settings, at 75% AI you will have it alread at half.

If you set this number to negative, there still will be traffic at 1% AI settings - if you set the fields to -99 there will be still half. But - look at Chapter 27 of the manual, there it is decribed in detail.

Make the numbers negative for what you prefer, and positive for what you want to suppress, in the range between -99 and +99.

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