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Paint Kit for B737-200


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Since there were some interests, I started to create some paint kits of MyTraffic aircrafts. These will be restricted to those which are newly done, so have a texture format that will not be subject to change within a foreseeable future, which have a performance that outperforms any competing model and I consider them well done to hold the needs of future versions (or are extendable to these). I also incorporated at least a part of what I learned from all the tests and feedbacks I got in the performance discussion here (see more in another post) - so it is more or less a new model anyways, do not mix it with the MT2006 stock supplied one, but keep it in a separate folder until it gets exchanged in a forthcoming MT2006 update.

You can download it from http://www.fsrail.com/B732_MYPAINT.zip

Put it to your FS9/aircraft folder, it will show up as MT Boeing - 737-200 - Paintkit and show as example a 1970 Lufthansa paint scheme.

It contains an example texture and a pure white, easy to paint bitmap for your experiments under bitmaps. Just give it a try.

First beginners guide to painting:

All you need is a paint program, MS Paint is completely sufficient for all non-metallic aircrafts, and imagetool provided by MS in various SDKs ( Terrain SDK and GMAX SDK).

Than you need an easy to paint template, and this one is the most easy I can imagine. You see the aircraft from both sides, completely. Just use your phantasy or copy and paste from a photograph or combine both.

Than you see the engines, do the same with them.

Save the new bitmap under another name or into another directory.

Open it from imagetool, select "Image -> Format", select "16bit 565" for highest quality or "DXT3" for higher framerate or "DXT1" for highest framerate, save under the original name "B732_t.bmp" and put it into the provided Sample Folder - now you can already see it in FS9 when being not too far, replacing the Lufthansa

For being further away, still a little trick is needed to introduce the manual mip mapping I will describe in another post:

Open the B732_t.bmp again with imagetool, select Image -> create mip maps, than image -> extract mip maps, and then select the small window called B732_t_3.bmp, select file -> save, and end imagetool without saving the rest, so you have to press no several times. Ready.

I wish you a lot of fun doing paints - with these models it is fun unless you want to make hundreds...

Please, once you think it is usable, do not hesitate to post your paints here for the all the other nice people and for future usage in MyTraffic.

Husain, please make this post sticky.

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