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MT2006 - See through wheelies


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Have upgraded to MT2006 - 1st impression - tried London

Heathrow (70% traffic - stutters too much otherwise) - and

have noticed that some of the Aircraft have "see through" wheels.

The inner core - and outer rim textures show, but I can see

the runway/apron textures through the tyre part.

Anyone else noticed this?

How do I identify each A/C so I can revert back to 2004

textures where this happens??



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Interesting. I never saw this, and you can believe I looked at many many aircrafts.

Can you identify a type, e.g. A320 or B757?

Most of the aircraft use \texture\wheel_t.bmp. The one distributed with MyTraffic contains no alpha channel, which is the only way to produce transparency. Some of the most frequent aircrafts contain these textures locally for faster access, but again without alpha channel.

You must somehow have a file of that name with alpha channel, which couldn't be overwritten by the installer, as first guess. Can you identify any?

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Hi Burkhard,

Took your word for it - noticed the poorer textures - so went a hunting.

Found an aircraft.bgl file amongst my 3rd party H'row - renamed it -

Walla!! All faulty AC now gone - only MT left.

I must say, I think these AC are neater/tidier than MT2004 -

or is it my imagination??

Could you explain how/if hyperthreading is active???

Cheers anyhow.



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I'm not aware of any addon hiding the AI traffic in an aircaft.bgl, but why not? So I cannot comment on those aircrafts too.

I do not understand quite your comment / question on Hyperthreading. This is a technology used in Pentium IV processors (enabled/disabled in the BIOS) to speed up switching between several applications. To my experiments , it has no influence on FS9, which is a thingle threaded application using an internal multistream fibre system for cooperation of tasks. Others have other experience, but what I see a PIV/2600 with or without HT is slower than an Athlon 1800+ as example. It seems that system start and maybe even FS9 startup go faster with HT.

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