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8 questions from a newbie


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Hi all. Forgive me but I am completely new to traffic add-ons. Just purchased MT 2006. I have read the manual and browsed this forum but still seem overwhelmed. I think I am having a hard time seeing the forest for the trees. Tthe manual seems to presuppose a lot of understanding I just don't have. Anyways, some starter questions:

1. The web site of my favorite regional airport gives the flights in and out by carrier etc. The are only a couple of dozen. Can I implement these? How? and what happens to the ficitonal flights to and from this airport that are already built into MT 2006? Can I eliminate all but the GA ones? If I add these by creating some sort of new database, what happens to rest of my traffic at other airports?

2. I have added a couple of AFCADs along with freeware airport scenery. the gates all appear to be there with the designer's designations for parking. is that all there is? Does MT 2006 start using these gates/parking? Am I supposeto do something like export the airports with TTools (whatever it is called) and import the airports.txt? if so, do i then need to do something else like regenerate schedules etc..

3. As it happens, some of my favorite airports do not have AFCADs supplied by MT 2006. Can i just use swordy's AFCAD2 to add the parking designations? Do i need to adjust flight plans, schedules, or something?

4. If I go through an airport and add parking assignments to all the parking, what happens when a GA aircraft arrives that isn't part of an airline (including myself)?

5. Some AFCADs have 1-2 parking slots that have no parking airline code but the rest are assigned. Can aircraft that are part of an airline park at these (generic) spots?

6. I am still confused about the heirachy of series, category, type, N-number etc. Ackkk!

7. Do I need to do something with a VoicePackEdit.exe (?) after installing? or is that for power users? What is up with that?

8. Can I create a fictional airline (I use FsPassengers), reserve a parking space at a specific airport for the aircraft I am flying, and get MSFS to call the airline name in ATC? I'm not interested in creating a whole bunch of AI aircraft in the airline, just the one or two I actually fly.


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Well, my friend, you require a book or better a series of books. Most of your questions are answered in detail in the MyTraffic editor manual, which was wirtten in months, I will try to answer each question now shortly. If after my answers and reading of the manual questions remain open, please post them again, one question per topic - that allows to answer each individually and others to contribute - multi question posts end in discussion of one usually, the rest gets forgotten.

1. You have to differentiate between the schedules published by marketing department and those you get from technical information. These may differ a lot. Airlines will sell flights at 9 even when they only got a slot at 10:15. They will board you at 9:15, than at 9:30 the pilot will tell you that for some reason he doesn't get clearance, announce a delay to 10:30, at 10:05 he will tell you he got earlier and has hurry, you will be happy and forget that everything a marhketing department will say is a lie.

This said, schedules that you add have to fulfill some requirements, the mayor ones are:

The time the flight needs is the distance divided by the aircraft speed + 15 minutes. FS9 requires another 45 minutes than on ground before you can fly back. So, if you have a 500 miles distance with a A319 that is configured for 513 mph, starting at A at 8:00, the earliest possible time for the flight back is 9:59 - if you the airline schedule states 9:45, FS9 cannot perform this flight. Low cost carriers as example plan for very short on ground cycles, even their technical schedules cannot be done by FS9.

Now you are warned enough about potential troubles, the rest is yes. Let us assume for the moment that the airlines and aircraft types you want to implement are available in MyTraffic.

The first version I would recommend to use the new, semi automatic scheduling in the editor that takes care of all the above rules. It may add another flight by night when in real life the aircrafts are parked - but again that makes sense since FS9 checks for each flight if there is enough parking over all 24 hours, so if you have an airport with 6 gates and there is one minute at night where more than 5 require parking, one of the flights will not be displayed and you start wondering.

So, first start MyTraffic2006.exe, load MT2006V40.myt, and save immediately under another name MT2006exp1.myt as example.

Choose one of the flights, convert a departure date to GMT, AI traffic always is in GMT.

Under airlines->Manage airlines, select your airline. You will see the types available for that airline. Select the type, and press schedule. Next, you get a dialog to select the departure airport ( yours) and the destination, a departure time in GMT ( written in the form 0815 for 8:15) and a flight number. Press OK, and a fork will be created to do this flight, a back flight, and according to the time the turn around takes repeat this until the 24 hours are filled. This has the disadvantage to maybe have a flight to much or a wrong afternoon time, and the advantage to work without hazzle, so is the best way to start until you are an expert.

Once you have made one or a few, press create all files and traffic, a new traffic scenery will be created containing you flights (needs a few mimutes), and they should show up. If not, please check the last lines of Trafficlogown.log for details.

It may be the airport is overcrowded now. If you make a new Create schedules, files and traffic (needs a few hours), the world wide schdules will be rearranged to make place for your new schedules - this is like a slot conference :)

2) There are several questions around the gate association. Let me summarize what I know. When setting up simulation, and when the aircraft has landed, FS9 calculates a parking position based on a complex algorithm. Each parking position gets a weight based on

a) Parking Radius b) parking type c) airline code and d) distance between aircraft and parking position. The one with the heighest wheight will be used. The code contains an admitted bug though that it does not do what intended in all cases. FS9 tries to never have to delete an aircraft - this means if a Delta lands and only AAL gates are free, the Delta will park at the AAL gate. Having a few parkings, maybe not at the building, unassociated helps in realism. In order to have your AFCAD2 airports used, they have to be in scenery prio above the MyWorldAirports. If you have them in "Addon Scenery" as usual, move MyWorldAirports below this, above "Vehicles".

3) Yes. Once you have the airports, use the traffictoolbox Dump airport list to import the new settings to MyTraffic2006 editor, read in the manual how.

4) Parking association is used for AI ATC only, not for the user ATC. Any aircraft will be sent to the highest weighted parking, for a GA aircraft it is most liekly a small position, if theae are all used it is more likely to be an unassicated large Cargo than a an associated large gate.

5) follows from above.

6) Easy.

A series is a model, B737-700. This has a lot of properties, like range, parking size, speed, etc.

A type is a paint of the model, B737-700 in SWA colors. It need to point to a) a series to take the technical parameters b) an airline to take the polital ones and c) a title=entry from aircraft.cfg to know how to use it in FS9.

A plane is an indivual registered plane, like N-777UA. MyTRaffic uses the - separator as used in almost all countries but US, Korea and Japan, since without it they are not unique.

7) and 8) Deal with ATC sounds. If you do not want to create some yourself, and if no other addon modified your sound file, the normal Soundpatch from http://www.mytraffic2004.com is suffiecient, run it once and forget. If not, you have to use the EditVoicePack way.

Hope this helped...

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Thank you Burkhard! I appreciate your patience. I thought it might be more efficient if I post all the questions together (in case some answers followed from others, etc.) but I can see your point about too many topics. Your reply was very helpful, and some things from the manual (which I read) are now much clearer to me. I am still a little fuzzy on #1 but before I take up any more of your time, I want to re-read it and the manual.

One thought that occured to me is that i may be thinking about My Traffic in the wrong way metaphorically. I think I am airport focused and your response makes me realize i might need to think aircraft or airline-focused, as it were. Meaning: I have a list of all the arriving and departing flights at a particular airport and was hoping to see those flights take off and land at the published time (forgetting about airline deception for the moment) when I am at the airport, along with some random GA traffic. It didn't occur to me that I needed to worry about how the aircraft gets back--afterall it must be possible as it happens in real life. But from your response I think I need to start thinking more about the big picture of where all the aircraft are and where they can go and when, before trying to fit my airport into their schedule. Would that be a fair assessment?

Which brings me to my final thought: I researched this program and its competitors a great deal before buying it. One of things that persuaded me to buy MT over the others is that one forum poster pointed out that MY Traffic was not designed to replicate real world schedules but instead to populate the world with realistic traffic with as little user fuss as possible. I thought: "that is all I need!" Now here I am fussing :-) Funny how this stuff is addicting! Perrhaps I would do well to remember what I bought the program for and just sit back and enjoy it Thanks again.


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Well, I consider MyTraffic to ba a global traffic concept, based on the three piles airports, aircrafts and airlines+rules+schedules ( an increasing fraction of the flights is based on real world flights, not on marketing flights.

You have three choices:

a) take it as it is and sit back

b) make you little home addition the sinple way I described, maybe a day or two.

c) reseverve 2006 for AI traffic programming and take care you just do ienough flights to keep your license.

All three are offered to you - your new year choice :lol:

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