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MT'06 or T'05


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Its early AM here and I have been reading reviews and forums. I am darn tired and want to purchase traffic after I get some sleep. UT is out, hungry on the resources and I need to have GA AI flying around as that is what I do most. When I cant fly for real, I get my itch scratched via MSFS.

I was going with Traffic 05 from just flight but got held up when they didnt accept AMEX! LOL :shock: So I went searching around and hours later was done reading about My Traffic.

I must say I am leaning towards the MT addon right now but there were some nice features in JF's Traffic addon. New voices, Tower, chase car, if I am remembering this correct.

Anyone use both? Sell me on MT, tell me something to sway one way or the other. Spent too much time on the fence with this decision where I could have been flying in MSFS! :(

Happy Flying

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Of course I'm biased. From what I saw as screen shots, the aircraft models T2005 uses are extremely bad done. All of them have the same shape of the cockpit windows as example, windows are square shaped, not round, etc. The screenshots Justflight publishes show this clearly, well, you can at least differentiate between a 747 and a 737. In contrast, many MyTRaffic2006 models are much more realist and detailed, though admitted not all, 767-400 as example has to be overworked next time.

Second, Traffic2005 is restricted to airliner traffic only, plus a bit of GA, using about 40 models. In contrast, MyTraffic2006 has all sorts of traffic, with 160+ models.

Comparing UT and Traffic2005, the better performance is in favor of T2005, all the rest UT is much much better. Others please comment.

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