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Dear friends,

the Notebook edition of MyTraffic2006 got finished, tested and packed now. Installation below, Husain please make sticky.

You can download it from http://www.fsrail.com/Notebook.zip

It replaces the mip mapped DXT3 textures throughout by non reflective not mipmapped textures, for many aircrafts reduced in size. In addition some models have been enhanced by placing LOD-switching nearer to the observer. It has been tested on several notebooks and other systems (like shared memory grafics) to give significantly improvements. Even on a Centrino Notebook, it runs without stuttering at 70% AI density.

Installation instructions: download ( 80MB approx) and save at a safe place.

a) Make a backup of your aircraft directory.

b) Unzip Notebook.zip to a temporary diretory, in there you will find a subdirectory "aircraft", in there the known MyTraffic directories.

c) Copy all those directories into your \aircraft folder, overwriting their contents. You can do that reversely from the backup you made to partly undo the change case you want.

While mainly tested on Notebooks, this version might also be the solution for other cases where your combination of hardware, BIOS, firmware, driver, DirectX, FS9, FS9 addons and settings of all these layers does not meet your expectations.

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Yep it works and gives noticable performance increase. Before i locked fps are NY's airport EWR,LGA,JFK(Simfyers) at 17FPS now its locked at 25! At okecie,poland(EPWA) i actually average 25FPS. Only downfall of my traffic is do to so many aircraft and me getting aerosoft's frankfurt i cant fly to and from with traffic. Must be 0% s i can average 25FPS. Even at 100% i can average 10-15FPS but once u move and textures have to reload it hangs up and it makes it hard for my laptop to reload frankfurt and all the ai. I can say this: Almost all parkings at frnakfurt are full at 100% traffic which annoys me since i cant get a parking where i want to :roll: On desktop i got also my traffic 2006 and frankfurt. but since instead of 64MB go 5600 on laptop i got a 256MB FX5500 on desktop and i can average 20FPS with 100% traffic and aerosofot franfurt with all settings except clouds turned up to max.

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