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Tráfego AI - Montagem!


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Fala galera sabe tudo :!:

A minha primeira pergunta é:

Alguém aqui sabe confeccionar (na integra) tráfegos AI através do Ttools :?: Pois tow levando uma pequena surra aqui do mesmo :( e preciso de ajuda. :wink:

Valew gente!

Té a próxima! :wink:

(In English)

It says galera knows everything!

My first question is:

Somebody here knows to confection (in integrates) traffics AI through the Ttools Therefore is taking a small beating here of the exactly and necessary one of aid.

Tanks guys!

Until the next one!

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Ttools is a software package to assemble flight plans in FS8 format. It is obsolete since the release of the Microsoft FS2002 traffic SDK in 2002. Since it does no check on the possibility of a flight, it produces tons of flights that will never show up, but require CPU load and may lead to unwanted behaviours.

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(Em português)

Ok Burkhard! :D

Eu uso o Ttools para montar tráfegos aéreos no FS9, e ele está se saindo muito bem. Só não tenho o total domínio sobre ele ainda.

E você? O domina completamente??

Até a próxima! :wink:

(In english)

Ok Burkhard! :D

I use Ttools for to setup aerial traffics in FS9, and he is leaving if very well. I don't only have still the total domain on him.

And you? Does you dominate him completely? ?

Until the close! :wink:

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Well, I used it for initial tests, but abandoned it completely with the release of FS8 AI traffic SDK by Microsoft in 2002. Trafficdatabasebuilder is easier to use, well documented, supported by Microsoft, gives better performance. Trafficdatabasebuilder2004 knows about the specialties of FS9.

My experience is, if there is a tool by Microsoft and a second one, you always are better off with the MS tool, the second one is a dead end.

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