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Pile ups at Cologne-Bonn (EDDK) with My Traffic 2006

Sascha Henken

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Hello all,

does someone experience pileups of the AI with My Traffic 2006? I´ve got it yesterday, installed it after i´ve got my license and started to play. I´ve choosen Traffic 2006 and the ingame traffic is set to 100% and i get pileups and many airports. EDDK is the airport where I mostly start my flights but now I saw that many planes are piling up behind each other when taxiing to a runway. I´m using AI-Smooth v1.12 and FSUIPC.dll 350 (registered license). Any help is welcome. Thank you :)

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Hi Sacha,

Are you using the AFCAD2 files which were installed with MyTraffic? Burkhard spends hours tweaking the AFCAD2 files included with MyTraffic to try and avoid such pile ups and to make traffic flow as efficient as possible but sometimes such pile ups may be inevitable due to the sheer volume of traffic MyTraffic adds.

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Hello Husain,

sorry for not coming back. So many forums i´m looking at and I got lost but strange that I got no infomail when this thread was updated....

Anyway. To your question:

I´m sorry I do not know what kind of AFCAD files I was using. I just installed My Traffic 2005 and selected the 2006 schedule. Ah well and the Traffic slider in the game was set to 100%. But maybe i´ll reinstall FS9 for a clean version and install My Traffic 2005 afterwards again letting AISmooth 1.12 running in background and report back. Maybe that helps?

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Well, my tests with AI smooth were not positive, it almost removed all landing flight, as example in EDDF it treated a plane landing to Wiesbaden AB as conflict, and sent both planes into EDDF to Nirwana for it.

You can easily see if EDDK is used in the MyTRaffic version if both runways are used for landing, since if I remember well I enabled the crosswind landings. So, were do the aircrafts pile up, is there a problem to cross a runway?

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