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Help: No traffic showing up in fs2004


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I recevied my copy of mytraffic2006 today (the cd version) I installed it and no traffic appeared in the game. I did have traffic2004 and PAI installed before installing MyTraffic. I have since uninstalled them.

The Program installed fine all the folders are in the flight sim one, all the icons in the folders work, and even tried using traffic editor to re-copy the flight plans that came with mytraffic but still nothing.

I think the traffic programs before mytraffic may be excluding the flightplans from mytraffic when it starts, but i dont really know.

Thanks in advance


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OK, one after another, should be easy to fix.


Are there files

\scenery\world\scenery\MyTrafficown.bgl ( cargo, line,...)

if not, the Select_AI_year should create them.

If there are, the MyTraffic aircrafts are to be found in the main aircraft directory, many directories ending with my?

If yes, start FS9 and look to the traffic settings. AI traffic is enabled, both types, and above 0%?

Next, you are not in a multiplayer setup online - AI traffic doesn't work together with this.

Last, but that does not fit to missing traffic on all airports, MyWorldAirports is active in the scenery library, and below all local airports?

If all this does not help, please post again.

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Thankyou for your quick reply to my question.

The files are in the scenery\world\scenery all of them are there (there are 6 files with my traffic in them)

all the aircraft are in the aircraft folder (a quick count got 158)

All of my traffic is enabled and at 100% (the traffic was working with the other 2 programs, now they are uninstalled to use mytraffic 2006

i'm not on multiplayer

The only part i'm not sure about is (Last, but that does not fit to missing traffic on all airports, MyWorldAirports is active in the scenery library, and below all local airports?) the flie is number 5 in my library above all my other addons but below the mytraffic 2005 ones. I checked flightsim again and still no traffic.

(I also tried restarting flightsim and the computer)

If i cannot get it to work i will delete flightsim of my computer (all of it) and re-install it on my brand new 250gb hard drive which i have not put into my computer yet. If i have to do it, i will install mytraffic second, right after the game its self.



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I have since deleted those files from flightsim, thinking that they were interfering. I have back them up under different names though. Athough before i deleted them, and after i uninstalled traffic 2004 the stock ai appeared with the pai traffic as well.

I have tried re-installing, but i think the new hard-drive might do the trick.

I anyone knows a solution please inform me.

Many thanks


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I assume you do not have a minimal install were were WORLD resides on a CD?

There isn't any traffic anywhere, check EGLL or EDDF or KLAX or SBGR or?

You are using FS2004, not 2002?

Just thinking. You do not have two FS9 installs on the computer, and installed to another than you are using?

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Thanks for your reply,

My FS2004 is a full install and i only need the cd to start the program, after that it is not required.

I'm using FS2004

And i only have one flight sim installed so it has to be installed to the right one, also I install all my aircraft or scenery there and they work.

I been thinking that the problem my be from the CD, there may be a corrupt file, but its unlikely since no error messages appear, or as i said above my be traffic 2004 is excluding the mytraffic, i know that when i installed traffic 2004 all my traffic before it disapeared, and i had to use ttools and copy it to a different traffic bgl, for it to appear with the traffic 2004 ones. It could have been the pai folder i'm not sure. anyway i have included a few screenshots of sydney before mytraffic and london after it installed it and uninstalled all the other traffic programs, and also my scenery and traffic settings

Tommorrow if nothing can be done, i'm deleting my entire fs2004 folder of my old hard drive and re-installing the lot on to my new one. If it still does not work then, it must be something on the cd.

Anyway if you come up with anymore ideas please tell me







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Good news i managed to get dc3 aircraft working. there are 203 dc3 on the traffic explorer around the gatwick airport region

One problem they are all swissair

Does anyone know what to do from here

The way that i managed to get these aircraft was that i ran Trafficbat and Trafficrand in they mytraffic folder, it said something like it was adding dc3 aircraft but that was all, does anyone know how to add other aircraft.

Thanks Aaron

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