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Should I upgrade? (I know I know it's my decision but help!)

Guest jscharpf

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Guest jscharpf

I just purchased MYTraffic2004 2.1 a few months ago and I'm very happy with it.

My question is, should I upgrade to the latest 2006? I realize only I can answer that question lol, but is this a complicated thing to do?

I've seen several posts and it looks like it's not simple.

Please throw any advice at me that you can lol.

I've used PAI in the past and in my opinion MYTRaffic is much better and worth paying for. I don't have any FR problems (which I did with PAI) and everything installed without me having to do much of anything lol..

So.. make my decision for me lol!


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well the upgrade to 2006 is a matter of taking ur credit card out, purchasing it, installing it, and making sure u dont touch anything since all will close byself. Its a matter of making sure it goes to the right folder than waiting for it to install. once aircraft and all are done installing it will ask for ai year. You will choose the year and hit okay and it will compile the traffic and all for u and close automaticaly. after the ai year is selected dont touch anything. it will all close by self. my friend did this and it messed his my traffic installation up pretty good but i managed to find the file that compiles everything for u after the select year and we fixed his problems quickly. Shouldn be a hard install unless u make it a hard one. benfits include more traffic, traffic year selecter, new models, new paints, and a widescreen edition for widescreen laptop and displays. it also increase performance for most people. I think burkard will add to this. Also make sure ur pc can handle the extra traffic and u aint getting shutters or any problems right now. if you aren't u shouldn't in 2006. worst case u revert back to 2004 2.1 I got all the files on a cd if ull need then so theres no problem there :)

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The reason why I purchased MT 2004 awhile back was because of the military AI. In time I noticed that not all military bases we populated. Although I upgraded to version 2.0, the lack of specific AI at specific airbases persisted.

I've now upgraded to MT 2006 and everything is as I had hoped. Some folks have repoted some performance hits, but I've encountered no differences in performance between the two versions.


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