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Traffic gets stuck at EGPK???


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Hiya all

Not been using My traffic 2006 for long so im quite new to how all this works. I only seem to get a problem with traffic when the takeoff runway assigned by ATC is also overlaped with another runway. The traffic just sits at the holding point to the runway for ages untill it just vanishes. Its a real pain because I end up turning traffic off when I know I will be leaving an airport with these types of crossing. Places like EGLL that has no crossings runs fine and the traffic flows smoothly.

Another aiport I just noticed is EIDW, thats also a crosing runway problem.

I have included a screenshot to show exactly what I meen. My plane is the lear at the back of the que.


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Ok after doing some testing it appears that the holding point where all the aircraft are queing up in the above picture is actaully too far away from runway 31. I have changed this in afcad2 and it work perfect. Only thing is my afcad skills are very limited and now the airport looks like rather poop lol.

Well at least I know whats wrong now, Its amazing what a few posts in various forums can do, im now a newbie in the realms of afcad2 design lol.

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Ah, this explains now why I didn't have the problem tonight, where starts appear on the shorter runway.

I made a little modification that shifts the start locations only, and that went much smoother, since aircrafts do not have to turn. Please try is that does it for you too, than I will look into EIDW.


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Works perfectly :)

Can I ask in what you mean by moving the start point? The planes now do exactly like you say, instead of using runway the shorter runway as a taxi route they go straight to runway 31 and take off.

In the afcad I Moved the red dot(the holdshort indicator) closer to runway 31, whilst this looked a mess on the screen it still seemed to work.

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Quite a simple trick:

MS had put the start locations into the dead corner. You can switch them to be displayed in AFCAD View start locations.

I shifted them to a meaningful position - see image. In addition I cut the one runway taxi line to go shure aircraft don't use the runway to taxi, maybe not necessary.


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