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How to cleanly remove MyTraffic with minimal risk


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This does not apply to MyTraffic X!

Uninstallation is a very dangerous case with FS9. Three situations make trivial uninstal a forbidden think.

a) Any later install of anything else. Obviously, if you add A and than B to FS, than remove A, the result will not be identical to B directly installed to FS.

b) Any change FS makes to its internal configuration cannot be undone by an uninstaller. It may assume FS to do this correctly, but cannot guaranty so.

c) Any action done by post installation task or by user applications ( like the editor, Selct_AI_year ) cannot be handled by uninstallers - they would require time reversal to be invented first.

In most cases, all three apply to MyTraffic, and that at several locations distributed over FS9 - this is why we have to be extremely careful at this stage.

MyTraffic contains of Schedules, aircrafts, airports, and the editor and all four have to be treated correctly.

1) Removal of the schedules.

This will remove all MyTraffic schedules from being used, but keeps MyTraffic itseld installed. It is a very safe thing to do, and should be the first step of a complete removal. It is also necessary case you want to temporarily make some tests, or use another traffic addon.

Go to \scenery\world\scenery. In there you will files beginning with My like MyOwnRoutes.bgl, and in older versions on Closed.bgl ( Now this is called MyTrafficclosed.bgl for consistency). It is safe to delete these files.

2) Removal of the airports.

Please make sure you do it in exactly this order!

Start FS9, and go to scenery library settings. Remove MyWorldAirports, and with either the Naval or Military or MT2006 also MyWorldObjects and three carrier directories there. End FS9 immediately.

Start FS9 again, and you will see the building database bar. Once this is done, you can end FS9 again. To be completly shure, manually check scenery.cfg that these entries do no longer exist.

Now and not a second before you can delete \Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports.

Please keep in mind that if you made any change with AFCAD2 on any MyWorld Airport, you are deleting this now too.

3) Now you may remove the aircrafts. All MyTRaffic aircrafts are to be as directories under \aircraft ending with MY, you can delete just these.

4) If you never used the editor, you can delete the \MyTraffic directory completely. If you did, you might consider to pull it out of FS9 structure.

5) Cleaning up. A few files remain in the FS9 top directory, among them for MT2004 the schedules and the traffic sceneries, trafficbat.bat, and a few installation tools, depending on version and on installer. I recommend not to touch the latter unless you understand, they do not affect FS in any way and will be updated if required. The larger schedules and traffic bgls can be deleted.

(Husain please make sticky)

This said, we structure

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I was reading your notes on removing MT2004 from FS9 later today after downloaded MT2006 earlier this morning and installed the software over MT2004 along with the patch only to find that FS9 then would'nt work at all. I resorted to restoring my machine to an earlier time which worked. FS9 returned to its happy self. What am I missing? Do we need to remove MT2004 before installing MT2006? All sounds a bit of a worry.


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No, there is no need to remove MT2004 before MT2006 install, indeed you shouldn't. There is a little exception case you have MyNavy installed too, that only affects the San Diego area.

If you have MT2004 installed, from MT2004V2.0 above, nothing needs to be done.

If you have MT2004V1.0, you should manually remove world\scenery\MyRoutes.bgl.

So we have to investigate what is wrong with your setup. Did it create actual traffci files in "scenery\world\scenery"?

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Hi Burkhard

No I didn't create any traffic files other that those that came with MT2004. My aim tomorrow will be to firstly set a restore point then install MT2006 over MT2004 then reboot my machine. Then start FS9 and see what happens. If it recreates the databases and starts up ok, then I'll create another restore point and add the patch and complete the instruction there in, then reboot FS9. What do you think?


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MyTraffic does not make any registry entries, it just copies files and runs a compilation utility than. So everything with system restore points can not affect it - it is like shooting salut with a 14" gun :) Or are you running a file system that allows to go back in time?

What is important is that you let it do its post installation tasks. If you didn't, than there will be no (new) schedules. But you can create them easily running \MT2006-Select_AI_year.exe . Than all you need to check is if the nexessary changes in scenery library are done, having MyWorldAirports, MyWorldObjects, and the three carrier folders.

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You cannot uninstall addons to FS9 or FSX. 95% of the "had to do a fresh FS installation" just come from the fact that this simple truth gets ignored.

For FSX, the removing of MyTraffic is simple.

If you only want to run temporarily without it, but can consider to use it again later, just deactivate MyTraffic as scenery library, that's all.

If you do not want to use it for a longer period, and recover the disc space, in additon remove the MyTraffic entry from FSX.cfg, and delete MyTraffic as scenery, and the traffic toolbox entry from dll.xml. Than start FSX once and end it. Now you can delete the complete MyTraffic folder.

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Hi Burkhard,

I am trying to completely uninstall mytrafficX because I believe I do not have a proper installation. I would like to remove all files completely and re-install original fsx traffic and the reinstall mytrafficX. In reading your instructions on how to do this I am finding the following.

In my FSX.config there are 3 references to mytraffic should I remove all 3?

My dll.xml shows up in the "my traffic file"" and also in "application data/microsoft/fsx". I dont know which one to edit as well as which lines to remove as the reference to tool box seems to be joined with other lines. Should I just remove the one line beginning with the symbol >.

your reference to scenery file removal I assume this is the scenery file in my traffic folder.

Im not sure just what to remove if you could be more explicit I would appreciate it.

Thank you


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Start FSX. Remove MyTraffic as scenery.

Remove the line simobjectPath.n=MyTraffic\aircraft.

MyTraffic is as off as it can be. If you leave the folder now or delete it is your choice, depending on when you want it back.

Do never delete, move or ename it befor you do the the two steps above.

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