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Simple schedule?


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Okay I admit Mytraffic2006 is excellent but I am obiously not the right expert to adjust flightplans.

This is what I want to do:

While I want to leave the rest of the schedules untouched I want to make it more "realistic" for e.g. LOWK (Klagenfurt) and/or some other airports in Austria/Germany/Switzerland.

LOWK is the main airport I am useing for real flying and flightsim currently.

I have never seen e.g. an IBERIA plane there or Austrian (or whom else) flying to Czech airports etc.

I studied the manual for MyTrafficEditor "up and down" but found no easy way how I can do it.

So is there possibly a "tutorial" that would guide me how I can do that easily?

The other alternative would be to generate my own database with Austrian, Tyrolean etc. only. This worked if I selected Austrian in "For this airline only" but how can I select two or more airlines. Or do I have to do one after the other.

So as I said. A great program but I would be happy if someone could show me an easy way how I can adjust it easily.

Thank you for your assistance

Klaus Zürner


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You have a number of choices what to do, which to use depends on the airports detail and what you want to achieve.

A quick study on airliners.net shows it to be

HLX, RYR,Austrian Arrows(Tyrolean), Aeroflot, Croatia only.

Let us assume this is true, the first three to be frequent home, the two latter being rare.

Create three new airlines:


Create for each of these airlines appropriate types, representing the correct aircratfs, like B738-RYRLOWK, using the title= entries of the normal Ryanair 738 as example. Associate a few planes to this type ( maybe instead of the stock Ryanair 738 type.

Now you have aircrafts of RYR, HLX and TYR with LOWK as their home base. ( If you have a second RYR or HLX mini-hub in your list, add that as second hub and associate two more aircrafts).

For Aeroflot and Croatia, go to their manage airline, choose the correct type and from that schedule it to fly between Moskow resp. Zagreb and LOWK.

Once you run through the create schedules, files and traffic, these local aircrafts will make the mass of the schedules. The manual schedules will be counted.

You may still see some airlines you do not want in the dpearture schedules - select one of its flights and make a mark forbidden - next scheduling will not use it.

From airliners.net it looks as if there is quite some GA traffic. Create an airline "GA LOWK", local at LOWK, and associate a few GA types, with OE- planes, to this, and you will get a realistic mixture, completely under your control.

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