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Hi all - please read!

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Welcome to yet another new forum to bookmark :wink:

Francois and I thought it would be useful to have a central, public place where people can discuss any aspect of my freeware projects, particularly with regards to installation and compatibility issues.

In the next few days I'll post several sticky threads meant to provide answers to commonly asked questions. In addition I intend to post here every time I release a new file and where it is available.

Don't be afraid to tell me things you don't like about any of my files; I don't believe that freeware is above criticism and welcome feedback of any kind!

The usual forum rules apply. In addition, please:

* before posting do a quick scan of this forum whether the topic has been addressed before

* if you start a new thread please pick a subject line that includes the name of the file or at least the geographic region

* restrict disussion of add-ons to my freeware projects only (not just the landscape stuff though - any published file of mine can be discussed here).

Last but not least a big thank-you to all of you who have sent me emails of appreciation or constructive criticism. I try to answer each one but wanted to take the opportunity to emphasize that the many wonderful interactions with my "customers" are a major part of my motivation to share my projects and knowledge.

Cheers, Holger

P.S.: Here's me checking whether the real world matches my design work :lol:


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I am SO happy that you decided to open a forum for your freeware packages. I will not repeat all the nice stuff I said about you in my Xmas wishes, but I will simply say you THANKS for everything.

One quick question. I have all your freeware landscape stuff (and payware of course) but not your freeware meshes. I do have FSG 38 mesh installed. Can I install some of your meshes along with the FSG if I follow the same logic has for Misty and Vancouver +? That is your freeware mesh UNDER the FSG mesh in my scenery library?

BTW, my offer for beer and lunch still stands if you ever decide to cross the Rockies and head for Ottawa.


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Hi there,

yup, that's me :wink:

At least that what it says in the "fine print" beneath the forum's title:

Holger Sandmann's personal support forum ! Here you will find information (AND you can ask questions) regarding Holger's many freeware landscapes and sceneries.

Cheers, Holger

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