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Guess the place!

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Hi all,

while looking for something entirely different I came across a set of data that was just too good to not use. I'm very busy with other projects already but decided to whip up a quick mesh and then draped a Landsat ETM satellite image on top. Nothing fancy but a nice improvement over the default in an area pretty much untouched by FS designers.

Today I received the kind permission from the original author to use the data for FS and I'm planning on uploading the files in a few days.

Anyone recognize the place? :wink:

Cheers, Holger





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Hi Jeff,

indeed, it's the Mt. Everest area. Actually, both images show Everest in the center, just from different directions. The first from the north with Dong Rongpu Glacier in the foreground and the second from the east with Kangxung Glacier. Below is a third shot from the south, showing the Dingboche Valley.

There really isn't anything special to this project, just a terrain mesh with an optional photoreal texture: no seasons, autogen, or landable water, and the resoultion of the textures is pretty coarse due to the 15-m resolution of the source data.

The issue with existing add-on mesh files for the Himalayas is that they are actually worse (i.e., less accurate) than the default mesh, for which Microsoft seems to have licenced pretty good data. They are worse because most of the higher peaks are missing in the Shuttle Radar data and thus have to be recreated via mathematical procedures, generating more or less odd looking mountains. However, the default mesh is compiled at LOD8 (152-m res), which means that any Shuttle Radar mesh compiled at LOD9 will overwrite the more acurate default mesh.

My plan is to upload mesh files of the Everest area and a few other sections of the Himalayas compiled at LOD10. Thus, anyone with add-on mesh files can leave them installed as is because my local mesh files will automatically overwrite them.

Cheers, Holger


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