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hi to you all first off

I am in a bad way with my 767 sim i have built my cocpit over the past 2 years and i just got some GoFlight systems for it.i fly the level-D plane and i have the full reg FSUIPC and WIDEFS and two networked ps and all is well there .. i have gfdisply on the same pc as the sim..heres where i am doing my head in iam trying to get the lights to come on when the are press on my gft8 or my gfp8 i know that i have to use GFdisplay to tell it to light up but i have read the readme over and over again with gfdisplay and i have to say i am so lost withit all i want to do is have the lights on the gft8/gfp8 come on when they are press to on and off when its press again please can some one show me a how this is done, :( any one...


thanks pete for your modules

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Asking GoFlight for help will most likely be a fruitless effort since it appears they are not responding to support requests in their fourm.

That said, you need to provide a little more information as to what it is that you are trying to accomplish (i.e. what is the T8/P8 switch supposed to do when you flip/push it?).

In a nutshell, if the switch changes a value in an offset somewhere in FS, then you set up a condition to test the offset that would equal a true or false (off or on) result and then configure the LED to light if the condition is true. It is a little confusing (I had to read the documentation several times to "get it"), however, the examples in the INI file helped a lot. Also, if you do a search in the GF forum for GFDisplay, you should find some good examples there that you can use.


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Thanks for getting back to me on that matter ..i will try and explane asbest as i can what

i want to do with my goflight systems ..



2-FS 9.1

3-FSUIPC ver 3.52

4-wideFs ver 6.51

5-GoFlight software the new one for the new MCP PRO

6-GFdisplay 1.1

7-the LeveL-D 767-300

ok just to let you know how i installed the gfdisplay i unzipped it to the same pc as FS so a folder called GFD and run it and it showed the GoFlight systems all the ones i have and all software 1-5 installed

the first thing is what do i do with the FSUIPC -BUTTENS dll in the gfdisplay ,

"how do i get the offsets for the buttens that i have setup in fsuipc "

what i want to do is set the buttens or switch on my goflight modules" that i can do" and all i want is the light on the module to come on as well when it is turned to on do i need offsets to do this with my LEVEL-D so its like i have set a butten on the GFT8 or GFP8 to have the smoken

sign to come on i hit the butten i hair the ping ,,the no smokeing is on but no light on the GFP8 i try this from the site here but no luck ,,and yes i read all the docs and still i cant understand it


0=X029C U8 =1 ;


Needs=B E


L3 C0

so again i ask for your help in the matter please give me lights

dum butt kevin :(

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The offset you are using is for the Pitot heat. Looks like you forgot the left bracket in the conditions area and you need an "=" for each light or display. I have made the changes below.


0=X029C U8 =1 ;


Needs=B E



For simple on/off conditions you could also use the following:


Needs=B E


L3=X029C U8 ;"ON" if non zero

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pseizinger as i said i use the level-d aircraft and some goflight ..i set a button/switch to do some thing it can be any thing from lights to engen start and thats ok. and button/switchs work find just no lights come on the goflight modules so thats where GFdisplay come in i know i have to edit the ini file and set the condition to have the lights come on the module and off when turned to off lights or what ever i have set to a button/switch. so is there a offset list where can i get it .

thx kevin

ps any chance i can phone you .." kevinegan5@eircom.net"

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pete can you help me under stand what i have to do with the gfdisply

and level-d i can set the fsuipc on prob

1 offset where and how do i get them

2 all i want is to have a light come on when i press a button of a setting

3 can you show me a simple line of whats to be done to do this

4 pleaes

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pete can you help me under stand what i have to do with the gfdisply and level-d i can set the fsuipc on prob

Sorry, I don't think Level D use FSUIPC offsets for their switches and values. They do provide a software development kit though, so maybe someone's implemented something. Are you sure GoFlight don't support it?


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