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Help with updating the bgls


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I'm a relative newby at this, and not sure I understand. Could someone more experienced answer a couple of questions and confirm I am doing this correctly? Thanks.

The situation: I have been editing a few AFCADs to add airline gate assignments or change the parking type as necessary. Assumed that I need to update MyTraffic so that this information (extra gates etc.) woud be available to the program. Also, I wanted to change the dropout rate for GA traffic so that more is preserved as the slider is lowered. So far so good.

To update every thing, I used the Dump module in FS and saved an airport.txt. Then I opened MT2006V40.myt in the Editor and used import airport.txt. Then I ran Create/Scedules, files, and Traffic after setting the GA option to -55 per manual. The program ran for a few hours. There were new bgls in WORLD/Scenery.

1. But the date stamp for MT2006V40.myt is unchanged. Should it be updated? Didn't I import new airports? And aren't there now completely new schedules?

2. I'd like a time table for a specific airport. As far as I can tell, the program only supplies departures (not arrivals). Is the list I find using this the latest one even tho the MT2006V40.myt isn't updated and I didn't import anything? Also, I wanted to see who flies into the airport so I could be sure I had designated parking for the airlines. I tried TTools and AITM but TTools only reads files that begin with "traffic*.bgl" and anyway AITM seems to have a problem caching AFDs for FS 2004 according to the author. Is there another tool that can give the timetable for a specific airport and can combine the information in the separate airline, cargo, military etc. bgls into a unified schedule?

3. What the heck is a fork?


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You made everything perfect!

In order to make your changes permanent to the database, you have to save it, and most likely under another name like MT2006Trial01.myt or whatever - overwriting the original isn't a good idea - I don't do it either.

Gate association alone does not require new schedules - you just modify were the aircrafts taxi too on that airport - the airports are running completely autonomous their code, just getting the aircrafts from the traffic system.

AI traffic, as created and documented by Microsoft, knows of no arrivals, all it knows are departures, arrivals are calculated by FS9 itself on the fly. So in your new database, use the departure time table - no flight can arrive that isn't programmed to depart later, in most cases about 50 minutes later.

In FS8, there was an unused data field in the digital structure assumed to be arrivals, but in the FS9 documentation it is clearly stated this is the ending time of closed training loops. Nevertheless, some obsolete fourth party tools based on FS8 tools still call this field arrival times, but that is a clear misuse and not supported by MyTraffic.

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