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C130 at YSRI


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This is so strange. I looked at them agan and again, and they DO HAVE tires. These are mostly hidden by the belly, and you do have to look really flat, but that again is true with the original - it is hard to damge them with a gun - so please check again it is not only your perspective that is hiding them.

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Burkhard, with all respect to you, I don't know what you mean? I am flying Capt Sim's C 130 and you certainly can see the wheels. The aircraft does not look like your belly-parked C130s. Look, I have tried Ultimate Traffic and Traffic 2005, I still prefer My Traffic and I am sure that with a bit of effort you can put wheels under my C 130s. It seems to me that a lot of American and German Flt Sim designers must think that Australia is on another planet? Most of the Flt Sims concentrate on the US or Europe. One would think that people in those places are the only ones who buy Flt Sims? I bet on a population percentage we buy more Flt Sims than anybody else. I wonder if anybody has ever done a survey on how big the Sim market is in Australia? So how about putting a bit more effort into the OZ scene? Fortunately, we now have some Aussie scenery designers like Vista Australis to make our local flying more enjoyable. With that kind of scenery(free too) who wants to fly anywhere else?

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And this is how it looks in MyTraffic.

I must say that I find the spacing adequate to reality.

So do you see a picture similar to these, or do you refer to a special airport were elavation of tarmac is higher than the one of the taxiways, which would show up most with the Herc.

In that case we would have to handle the airport instead of the model.


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