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Shoreline problems at Bella


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Hi Holger,

firstly thanks for all your amazing work, and not least for the tremendous support you offer - much appreciated.

I'm having a shoreline problem around the Bella Coola area. Have the following installed:



Misty Fjords

BC Enhancements for UT

BC-AB CDED1 mesh

BC HS Bella Coola

North Cascades VPlus update

UT Canada/Alaska (latest version)

UT USA (latest version)

I'm getting shoreline problems from about Port Hardy up as far as where Misty Fjords begins. Any ideas where my problem lies?







Thanks for your help


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Hi Jack,

thanks for the kind words and thanks for your support in purchasing Misty and V+!

My original bc_bella.zip isn't compatible with Ultimate Terrain. Thus, after UT came out, I did some adjustments and re-packaged them in the ut_bc_hs.zip "BC Enhancements for UT" files.

Since you already have "BC Enhancements for UT" installed all you'll need to do is deactivate or uninstall BC Bella Coola and the shoreline issues should disappear.

Ciao, Holger

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I uninstalled BC Bella Coola, but I'm afraid it hasn't solved he problem. Mind you, it maybe did point me in the right direction though, which is probably a re-install. Reason for that is that while I am pretty good at installing things correctly, it seems I have then forgotten to read the readme while uninstalling ad haven't put files back where they should be :oops:

So it seems I now have a real mix-up which is probably best solved by freshly installing things.

Thanks again


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Hi Jack,

when you uninstalled Bella Coola did you by chance move the four default bgl files back from "temp hold for bc_bella" into "FS9\Scenery\Namw\Scenery"? If so then you should navigate to "FS9\Scenery\Namw\Scenery" and rename the following files from .bgl to .xxx:




Those are the default water, shoreline, and road files for a large area of the BC West Coast, including Bella Coola, and they need to be deactivated so that they don't conflict with the UT versions of those files.

Cheers, Holger

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Seems that I had moved those files back into the folder as you suspected, Holger.

Now I have re-named them as you said, and although it has certainly helped around the Port Hardy area, things are still wrong about 20 miles further north.

Honestly, my files are so messed up with installing and uninstalling, I reckon a fresh install of FS9 is in order.



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