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MyTraffic Military AI Choppers rest on their bellys


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I'm a big fan of MyTraffic Military AI, however I've noticed that when an AI helicopter is parked on the tarmak, its wheels/skids are sunk into the ground, making the choppers look like they are resting on their bellys.

None of the fixed wing MyTraffic Military AI aircraft show this problem, nor does any other AI AC do this. Just the choppers. Any suggestions?


-- Waltm


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My first suspicion is again that it is a property of the airport, not the aircrafts . remember well having them balanced on the carriers were I have control over hight of airfield and of tarmac. So please tell us were you made that shot.

But this time you get me puzzled. I started FS9, went to a few places I know there have been helicopters, unchanged since release of the Navy package 8 months a go - and all of them have their bellies hidden. Also at places were they have been looked at 100 times to be OK. Both at KNZY and ETHB.

I ended FS9, started it again, and this time, instead of using the observer mode, taxied to the helis. Guess what - all of them were at the right location, see attached image. (to be continued)


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Made a few more experiments.

It strongly depends on how you come to the aircrafts/helis.

When I start the flight on an airport, or fly into an airport, the aircrafts display correctly, those that I taxi to as well as those I use traffic explorer to jump to on the same airport. This is at least true always when I start the sim not in a paused state - if it is paused things are not so clear.

When I than use traffic explorer to jump to another airport, indeed all helis sink into the ground.

Is this what you observe too, or do you get other observations? I will take some time over the weekend to verify this and to look if one can modify anything.

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Thank you for the prompt responses! :D

I've seen this problem both at airports where I start a flight and at airports after landing (my attached pix was taken after landing at KNFW--Ft. Worth NAS). With the exception of Abacus' FSRepaint, I don't use any other aircraft viewer.

I've observed choppers taxiing and their gear always appear planted correctly on the ground, though I've never seen one taxi to a stop.

Hope this helps.

-- Walt

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I took the CH53 as example and reworked it in GMAX. I lifted the model by 40 cm against 0 - and lowered it in the aircraft.cfg.

While this is easily said, it isn't at all. Once you have switched your GMAX setup to FS9 code instead of FS8 code, you cannot convert back, or GMAX crashes every minute and never compiles everything. So any touching of a GMAX model requires to convert it to FS9 code - which means that all animation has to be redone, all rotation axis have to be redone, all materials have to be redone. If you redo all that, you can make the redo still further, include the better LOD work allowed by FS9, and include the explitit mip mapping technology. So it was the end of the day ( beginning of the next to be more correct ) when all this was done for this model that mainly maybe needed shifting a bit...

You can find this reworked object under http://www.fsrail.com/CH53_My.zip

At least, it now performs much much faster, has night illumination working,...

Please delete the aircraft\CH53_MY directory and put the identical archive you find in the archive there. Than have a look if the Stallions do no longer show the belly in the tarmac property. I cannot really test it, since at two of my three systems, this never happens, and on the third only sometimes, and only reproducable when using the traffic toolbox to get to another airport. There I had the effect that the chopters display properly for a few minutes, and than the tarmac jumps up... So please test if the direction was the right one. If it is, than I will go to do it with the other helicopters too, but do not want to invest a few weeks of work if it doesn't fix the problem....

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Much better! Thank you. :D

Flying FS9.1 full screen at 1600x1200x32

Intel Pentium 4 640 HT 3.20 GHz

Windows XP Pro SP2

1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz (2x512M)

256MB PCI Express x16 ATI Radeon X850 XT PE

Catalyst 5.9 drivers for Windows XP

DirectX 9.0c

ViewSonic P95f+ 19 inch Ultrabrite CRT Monitor

Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS

Creative I-Trigue 2.1 3300 Speakers

Saitek Gamers Keyboard USB

Logitech MX 518 Optical Mouse USB

MS ForceFeedback 2 joystick USB

Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 7-Port Hub


ActiveSky 6 SU2

FSUIPC 3.53 Registered

FS Force 1.02

FSNavigator 4.6

Active Camera 2004 v2.0


AISmooth V 1.11a

JABScreen v2.2

Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G 802.11g

NETWORKED SYSTEM (Running WideFS Client & ASV):

Intel Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz

Windows XP Pro SP2

512 MB RAM


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