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Hi Holger,

well, I'm getting ready to go for a complete re-install of FS9 this weekend, and was wondering if you could offer some advice on the order needed to re-install the various sceneries. I will be installing the following:

UT USA v1.21

UT Canada/Alaska v1.2

Misty Fjords

Vancouver+ 1







CR Gorge (including update 1 and the UTUSA fix)

What would be the most sensible order to install these?

Also, regarding FS Genesis mesh, if I install this in a separate folder outside of the Addon Scenery, will FS9 still get the priorities right? (I'm thinking of making a folder FS9\FS Genesis Mesh) Or would I also need to put your mesh files in there too?

Also, although I believe your Glacier Bay package is now superceded by the ut_bc_hs.zip package, can I still install the AI traffic file for Glacier bay, or would this cause problems?

BTW, congrats also on your fine product for the Alps in Europe - I installed these files a couple of days ago - wonderful! I live in Heiden, Switzerland (a few kms away from Altenrhein LSZR) and the detail of the Alpstein and Mt. Säntis is fantastic! Looking forward to the Himalayas package as well :D

Hope that wasn't too many questions!

Thanks in advance for the help


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That's what I plan on doing this time round Francois, but I'm not sure how that works with the mesh.

With 363 areas in the scenery.cfg at the last count, it'll take me a minute or two to get everything back in, but it'll be worth it :D


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Hi Jack,

In general, the order of installation doesn't matter, other than always installing patches after those packages that the patches are for.

I agree with Francois that it's best to install all add-ons in separate folders. I have a few of those in FS9\Addon Scenery\ but most are outside of the FS9 folder and, in fact, on another HD. I would be careful with consolidations unless you know that doing so won't create any issues. Usually, add-ons from the same author are safe but always check the instructions for indications that this may not be the case.

I would start with the terrain mesh, placing them in a separate folder so that you can influence their display priority in the scenery library (my FSG entries are all at the very top of the scenery library menu to deal with the odd reversed priority of mesh display). If you have the FSGenesis Cordillera LOD10 mesh then you won't need my SEBCLOD9 because that's just a mesh file made from the same data as the FSG mesh.

Next up would be the UT titles with the newer one (UT Canada v1.2, I believe) last.

Then Misty Fjords and V+, then the freeware compilations, and finally the patches.

The most important thing is to not install everything in one session but rather install one item, then checking in FS whether the installation is OK!

Good thinking on the Glacier Bay AI, I should have mentioned that in ut_bc_hs.zip. Indeed, you can install it as well.

Good luck!

Great to hear from a local that we've achieved good accuracy with the Alps mesh files.

Cheers, Holger

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I agree with the fellas here. I'm going through a rebuild right now as well which started about two weeks ago (I had well over 300 items too) and I'm putting everything I can into some logical folders. It's helping to keep things separated and as I test I can find things that may need adjusting. Definitely install UT right after your mesh though because many add-ons, including much of Holger's work, rename or otherwise disable pieces of UT and if you install it after the fact, that won't happen.

And, as Holger said, test everything as you do it. One at a time. If you don't it will be very difficult to find a scenery that is crashing your sim when you've changed too many things at once.

Good luck, it's a lot of work. :wink:

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Thanks a lot for the advice guys. I went through this exercise about 6 months ago and indeed, it took me several weeks to get everything back in - it's amazing how much stuff you accumulate.

I'll certainly take the good advice and install as much as I can outside of the FS9 folder.

I'm an AI freak too, so I've got close to 700 airlines installed, but at least I can just back those files up and drop them back in again after the new install.

BTW Holger, is there any more of your work that I missed out in my list above? And dare I ask how work is coming along on your Tongass project? - really looking forward to that one as well :)


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I notice in one of the readme's that you have separate folders for LOD10, LOD9 etc mesh - is it better to have them split up like this for priority purposes, or could I split the geographically and have say all US mesh (all LODS), all Canada Mesh, Europe etc?



EDIT A further question crops up here - I have all of the FS Genesis mesh, but suppose for example, I want to use a different mesh which has the same LOD. Do I need to delete the FS Genesis files, or will I just need to put the new mesh at a higher (or should that be lower - getting confused here) priority in the scenery.cfg?

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