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FS MILITARY AI TRAFFIC - prerequisites ?


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Dear all,

I try to understand the dependencies and differences between the MyTraffic product line, but still feel unsure if I have got it right. Basically what I am aiming at is the Military AI package.

1. Is this software able to run without MyTraffic in either Version 2004 or 2006?

2. Is it right that MyTraffic 2006 is not including the functionality of the Military AI package? I understand that there is some military traffic in MyTraffic 2004 and 2006, but that the Military package offers more aircraft models, locations and flightplans.

3. Is it right that the Military Package includes the seperatly available Naval package ?

4. What benefit (aside from the obvious one of civil planes and flights) would one have running MyTraffic 2006 and Military AI in parallel ? I know from MyTraffic 2004 that it adds itself to the FS9 menu and has a very usefull traffic explorer. Does this for example come with the Military package as well ?

Thank you for supporting my buying process ;-)

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It is slightly different.

Currently, there are two products available.

MyTraffic2006 and FSMilitary. FSMilitary is the military, airforce + Naval, part of MyTraffic 2006, but contains nothing not included in MT2006.

MyNavy was an addon to MT2004, bringing all those naval features and a little number of airforce extensions, because this is not always as sperated as it is in the US.

MyTraffic2006 brings the military plus airliners, commuters, GA, cargo, a bit amphibians, and as main new feature the "time machine" that allows to move the time back to have traffic from some decades ago. This is in principle possible, but hasn't been realized for the military part yet, so you cannot switch on Messerschmidts or Mosquitos by just selecting 2005, just because these models do not exist yet, but if you are fit using the MyTraffic2006 editor and find some good perfomrang aircraft from that time, that is possible to do for you as user.

So FSMilitary is intended for those who are completely contempt with their non-military AI traffic and do not want to touch that.

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Dear Burkhard,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I had hoped that having purchased MyWorld Landclass would qualify me for the reduced upgrade prive for MyTraffic 2006, but this is not the case. My MyTraffic 2004 Version is the boxed CD version from Aerosoft.

Snooping around here has given me another valuable piece of information - I was not aware that there is such a thing like the CD replacement program Aerosoft offers for 9,99 € (the info is only a bit hidden at their web site...)

Now, 9,99 € makes a big difference to 40 €.

Please tell me if there is anything to know about eventual differences between the download version you offer via SimMarket and the CD Version available at Aerosoft.

Your description in your initial reply is also valid for their CD version ? Any updates you provide here can be used to update an installation based on the Aerosofts setup ? I am welcome with a technical question if I use their distribution ?

Thank you very much !


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Aerosoft is offering updates for their costumors. They exchange the CD.

Simmarket offers an update for their costumors. That is a download.

Aersosoft makes support for their version, as we do it for the simmarket version here. That means, since both versions are identical, that most you read here is valid for you, as are some little patches etc, and you may join our discussions here. But when it comes to any installer business, we cannot help, because we do not know anything about how Aerosoft installs the software. So your support comes from Aerosoft, case anything does not work.

When there will be a larger download, it will differentiate most likely between the costumors, because Simmarket will not be willing to pay hundreds of $ for bandwidth costs for other companies costumors. For every download you make, somebody has to pay real cash, and there our budget is limited.

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