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I had to convert from VB6 to VB.NET recently (this morning to be precise), and I have a badly newbie question:

I have downloaded the SDK v26 from Pete's site and unzipped the "UIPC_SDK VB .Net Shell Revision 2.004.zip" file. I'm now presented with 9 files, but I have no idea of how to import them into VB.net properly and link them to my application.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :oops: I'm using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition.

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I don't use VB.NET (usually C# and sometimes C++), but the following proceedure should get you started:

- extract the UIPC_SDK VB .Net Shell Revision 2.004.zip to a folder

- in VB .NET Express, choose "Open Project"

- in the "Open Project" dialogue, choose "FSUIPC Shell.sln"

- The conversion wizard will appear. Follow the prompts.

You should now have a new Solution called FSUIPC Shell. The "FSUIPC Shell.vb" will have all the sample code, and it should run with no errors.

Good luck!


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