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Current aircraft crashing when watching AI traffic


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One of the features I like most about MyTraffic is the ability to simply switch between AI traffic and watch their progress. This is a very useful way to test scenery landclass and terrain changes, as well as doing some plane watching as they pass between clouds.

Something recently broke and now I can't do this without my currently selected aircraft crashing and resetting the sim session. When I watch the MyTraffic traffic map or the explorer I can see that my aircraft is moving. The altitude changes and the speed changes when I'm watching an AI aircraft. Eventually it runs into something and crashes.

I have no idea what is causing this. Only two things have changed since it worked. One I installed and uninstalled ActiveCamera 2.1. Two, I started flying in Hawaii. I suspect it has to do with ActiveCamera, I doubt it has anything to do with Hawaii.

Has anyone else run into this behavior? I really want to be able to watch AI aircraft again - it's almost as much fun as flying my own .

-Freeman (Analias)

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Is it south west of Hawai, and you you see two airports on the map in the water, one called CVnn and the other LHnn? The crash boxes of the carriers and the cruiser should not exceed their size, but I do not know what Active Camera is doing, you even should be able to land on them - that is the only thing I can think about it when thinking MyTraffic specific.

In this case you should get the same effect in San Diego.

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