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Greetings --

I am thinking about buying MyTraffic. The "time machine" feature is exactly what I am looking for! But I do have some questions that I have not found answered elsewhere:

1. How much total hard drive space is used by a complete install?

2. How realistic is the traffic? I understand it is not from actual schedules but is there the right mix of aircraft/airlines for the right airports in every year??? No airports being served by wrong airlines for the time period selected, is there?

3. Is older aircraft included or must this be downloaded and installed separately. I'm thinking of non-jets like DC-6, DC-7, Connie, Electra, Viscount, etc. The screen shots show almost all jets. Would selecting, say, 1960, as the active year produce mostly props, as it should???

4. Can MyTraffic easily be toggled off and on again in case I want to use some of my own customed traffic files instead of MyTraffic for a particular flight?

5. I read someting somewhere about MyTraffic 2006 causing major "stuttering" in FS. Is the true and if so has it been addressed?

I really hope to be able to use this product. I love flying flights from older timetables.



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So many questions, each not simple to answer :lol:

1. The complete install is about 3 GB.

2. MyTraffic is using its rather complex algorithms to get the association of airlines to airports as realistic as possible. But this is in the given limits. The number of airlines that exist is about 5500 currently, and that is a constant number since the mid of the eighties at least, I asssume sine much earlier. MyTraffic with its 1200 airlines, some of them historic only comes nearest to this, but is still far away. So, if you program it in a way that airlines never come into airports they haven't on their schedules, most airports of the world but a few hubs are deserted, as they are with PAI or UT. Going back in history, this problem increases, with less and less data available and less and less models available in any possible realistic project. MyTraffic "only" has 161 models compared to the 50 of the competition, but to have all realistic it would need about 500 contempory and thousands of historical models. Again, the decision of

a) not to show any unrealistic traffic and theredore desert the world, or

b) show the traffic as it would have been likely with the given number of aircraft models, airlines and paints, saturation to a realistic level of density as it was in those times, is a design decision. MyTraffic opts for b).

3. There are some older prop aircrafts included, like the Convair Metropolitain and some paints of the stock DC3. Early jets like the Caravelle, the 707, DC8, Comet follow, and only at this time beginning of the sixties the environment gets realisic. The editor allows to add downloadable AI aircrafts into it and to manage them to go still earlier. There are not much vintage aircraft suitable for AI round there. Making the models you refered to, like the DC4 and the Connie, is on my working list, the order depending on the feedback I get on the historic topic - up to now this was so extremely low that I haven't the expression it was welcome.

4. The simplest way is to delete 6 files in scenery/world/scenery, whatever traffic file is in there dictates what you see.

5. This is a longer story, like the never ending. MT2006 is, in framerate, much faster than the competition. Depending on the hardware, driver, and settings it turns out that some user notice hard missing frames, others don't. These frames during texture loading can be seen to miss with other products too, but with 4 frames per second you do not feel 100 Milliseconds blockings, with 18 or 20 you do.

Since the traffic is so much thinner in ancient times, this problem will not affect than,a bit more likely when you fly today.

A special version of MyTraffic for systems that show such limitations, also blurries, is available from here, look at the "Notebook" edition.

Hope this answers.

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Thanks for your quick answer, Burkhard. :) Please don't think there is little interest in your "timeline" feature. It's just that a lot of people don't know about it yet! I just found out about it yesterday. There are a lot of us who love to fly Classic airliners and we have been waiting for this! :D

New question: How complicated would it be for me to use an aircraft texture (one that I downloaded) in My Traffic? What is involved in assigning say, a downloaded TWA Connie to the airline and scheduling it? There are actually lots of historic AI props out there if you look for them.

Don't take this as a criticism but I think you may be making a mistake in focusing on the number of airlines at being 5500. That figure must include many insignificant airlines that we could do without. I would gladly settle for 1200 airlines (or even 500 or less) going into the correct airports even if that means less traffic, or less variety of traffic. In my opinion that would be much more realistic. PAI has far fewer airlines and has a good look to its traffic. It sounds to me like what you offer instead is a fictional historical setting. Is this an accurate description? :)

Question: How difficult would it be for me to edit the schedules to represent the proper airlines serving the proper airports (I have the data)? Can this be done for a given year or would the changes apply across all years?

I disagree with you about PAI. I use it all the time and there is traffic at at all but the smallest, more remote airports. Lesser airports are not deserted. But, of course, it is modern traffic and I want historic traffic.

I am very tempted to buy My Traffic 2006 if I can easily add AI aircraft and if I can easily edit airlines schedules to make them fly to only the correct airports. Is it so?

Thanks for a promising project and please be assured that there is a lot of interest in the "time machine" feature. Thanks for your work on this project. :D


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Thanks for your continuing interest.

This is possible, and depending on the complexity you want to achieve rather simple to rather tricky.

In short, you add to the existing database a few more entries:

The series, as example a DC4, with its properties like range, speed or span.

A type, pointing to a series, an airline and a title= entry in an aircraft.cfg file in FS9. This contains first to last years, so you can operate a TWA DC4 from 1955 to 1968 ( all this fictious dates ).

Than you add a few registrations to this type, and if the airline is well defined already, than you can just let the editor do the rest for you to create 1960 schedules (where there is no 727 around) or 65 with the first or what you want.

You can also add manually to define the DC4 to fly KJFK-EGLL, or you can enter time tables manually -the latter being the mostfrustrating part since FS9 is rather selective about what schedules to show and what not.

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Thank you, Burkhard. I suppose the thing for me to do is to download the demo and "play" with it. It sounds to me like I would be most interested using My Traffic 2006 as a traffic file editor to make realistic traffic files.

I am fairly certain that you will eventunally find there is a lot of interest in the "time machine" feature. Give it time to be discovered.

Keep working on the project! :D


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Well, not quite, but already touching your times, let me update you what are the projects to be added currently.

The main thing is the 737 famuily, to get this done with much more detailed but faster models and a more complete coverage, so that at least the times after 68 will get better deversity.

Than there was a wish for the Tu134 on this forum, and I showed that in the MyTraffic Mojave I have parked some, so with a bit of paint and theses can get refueld. An currently a B52 is on its way, so that, in the sixties, you can meet that in the air.

If I would ask for one plane from the area of biggest interest for you, which one would it be?

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