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Texture_Max_load in FS9

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Hi Holger

I need to pick your brains again!! What is the best setting for Texture_Max_load in FS9? Mine is set at 512, but someone has suggested that a better setting would be by multiplying the first number of your screen resolution by the RAM in Mb of your video card. So I run my screen at 1920 x 1200 with an XT800XT 256Mb RAM video card, so 1920 x 256 = 491520!! Is this realistic? Is it likely to make any difference? Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi there,

thanks for posting that link, Bob, very interesting.

Peter, I have no idea what those settings do and haven't experimented with them either. In general, I'm reluctant to tweak my FS9.cfg (aside from the settings in the terrain section), particularly since most suggestions don't provide any good explanations as to what exactly those parameters and values do and they frequently contradict each other.

General questions like this are best asked in the general FS forums. I'd like to keep this forum limited to questions directly related to my own freeware projects.

Cheers, Holger

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