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Attack of the mad AI planes!!!

Hans Krohn

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last nite I installed Vancouver+. To discover the new scenery I flew the Robinson 22 Helicopter from CYVR to downtown Vancouver.

When I came back after 40 min., the airport area was swarming with AI Planes, maybe 30 or 40 of them. They looked like formations of planes during a WWII bombing raid - rather scary and totally unrealistic!

There was no vertical or lateral separation, and most of the planes had to execute missed approaches.

This has not happend before (installing Vancouver+). Who can shed some light on this and most important: how to fix it?

My AI is set to 35%.



visit my cockpit site:


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If I understand correctly, you installed an addon airport and the problem showed up? So it is this airport which seems to have been badly designed for AI traffic. Either the aircrafts cannot leave the runways, or something else shows up there. If as example there is a missing hold short node on the airport, no aircraft can land as long as another one moves.

If you know how to handle AFCAD2, I would recommend you use that tool to analyse the addon airport and to check if this shows any error message for the airport. If not, let us wait if somebody else here on the forum has the same airport installed and got hands on a better taxiway network.

Unfortunately, almost all addon airports still are written in FS5 code, and only in the last minute the authors add a few lines of XML or make a fast AFCAD2 file and than call this a FS9 airport. Hopefully Microsoft understands its backward compatability to only support XML/GMAX MDL scenery, but not FS5 scenery.

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Hi Burkhard,

thanks for the quick reply. The thing is, I only installed Vancouver +, and that does not change anything at Vancouver International airport (CYVR)!

On the other hand, the problem did not occur at CYVR before the istallationof that add-on...

anybody knows where I could find the CYVR AFCAD file?


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Hi Burkhard

Vancouver+ looks great and was made by Holger Sandmann and Jon Patch.


AFAIK, many people use it in combination with Nigel Grant's Vancouver airport scenery which is available at Avsim, etc.

Kind regards


PS, ich bin leider noch nicht sehr weit gekommen mit dem versprochenen Bericht. Sind ein paar Dinge dazwischen gekommen... Sorry. Hole es so schnell als möglich nach

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Thanks. I read under "http://secure.simmarket.com/product_info.php?products_id=1559" " optional heavy traffic ". If they add traffic to the MyTraffic one, than the airport will be overcrowded, and if the offer optional heavy traffic , they must have changed the airport.

So first look if there is a file "AF2_CYVR.bgl" in the Vancouver+ directory, than rename it to "AF2_CYVR.bgl.passive"

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