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Format of forks - changing flight plans in Notepad.


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Since this was asked in a OM and seems of general interest.

Question was: Can I edit MyTraffic flight plans using Notepad?

Answer: Yes, you can.

You have two options:

a) Modification of the stock schedules supplied by MyTRaffic2006. These are compiled and made visible through the Select_AI_Year tool. You do not need the MyTraffic editor at all to do so.

The files reside in MyTraffic\MT_Plans and have names like MyLineRoutes2006.dat. You can edit these files using Notepad or Wordpad.

These files contains thousands of structures like the following:

B737-400BA1 ,G-­BSNV , 52,ONE_DAY,IFR


1001 ,URSS,320,0002

1505 ,EGLL,320,0002

2014 ,EDBC,279,0004

2241 ,EGLL,279,0004

0113 ,DABB,320,0006

0445 ,EGLL,320,0006


What does this mean?

The aircraft B737-400BA1 ( MyAircraft.dat tells you which title= entry this belongs to ) with Reg G-­BSNV flies daily, for any traffic density setting above 52, the following course:

At 10:01 GMT it leaves EGLL for URSS, back at 15:05, later goes to EDBC and in the night down to DABB. Please always remember that the airport identifier in a line is the destination of that flight, the original departure is from the last destination, Heathrow in this case. You can always change these fields, replace the aircraft, etc. Please keep the exakt format, so that the seperators remain at the same location, this is easier with Notepad and cannot be made in html here. This makes reading easier and allows easier import to MyTRaffic editor case you ever want to do so.

After saving and compilation with Select_AI_year, you should look into the log file if an error message shows up. If as example you replace the 737 by an A321, it might be that the slower speed of the more fuel efficient Airbus makes the timing impossible, or if you exchange by a 767-300, it may be an airport hasn't parking for that, or...

You can also just remove this structure, to have no or one less BA flight in URSS.

b) The same can be done using MyTraffic editor. Once you have compiled flights, you have similar files in the MyTRaffic directory (without year). You can also produce these files for a given airline or a given series. You can edit these, modify flights, add flights, etc, and than import them as forks. You can import several files as forks.

If for example you just want to delete all MyTraffic forks for URSS, the fastest way is the following:

Make a create all files and traffic.

Than edit MyOwnRoutes.dat with Notepad and remove all flight structures that contain URSS.

In MyTraffic Editor, under Maintenance delete all existing forks. Import the changed MyOwnRoutes.dat, and URSS has no more forks. If you fill it with self made ones now to its capacity limits, you have complete control of all schedules of that airport, and can autoschedule the rest of the world later.

Husain. maybe another chapter for your manual?

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