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Holger; Just a question for the scenery guru...

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You seem to know what you are talking about :wink:

In this thread


we see Georender 4 with the rather "unique" (trying to be PC) ground tiles stripped out of it. Have you any idea how difficult it would be to strip the ground tiles out of any of the other Georender titles?

I am sure the others in the series would look much better just resting on the default terrain, especially now the the default terrain looks so much better (BEV/GE/UT) not to mention the enhanced meshes from FSG and yourself.

Any thoughts or experience with this?

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Hi Paul,

interesting question. I actually think that the other Georender titles have much more appropriate coloring of their photoreal areas but I see your point.

You can experiment yourself because the main thing to do is to deactivate the small bgl file that places the photoreal textures. Richard seems to be consistent in naming these files, they end with *img.bgl (Chelan is an exception that would require some "digging"). Thus, for Strom it would be Stromimg.bgl, for Sultan, Sultanimg.bgl, etc.

However, it's possible that some of the areas have additional files that rely on the proper placement of the photoreal images, like those flatten/water files with Georender 4. I guess you'd start with deactivating the image file and then check whether other anomolies show up.

Cheers, Holger

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Thanks for the reply Holger, I gave it a whirl and was a little bit dissapointed.

Diamond Point was a 99% success story, but then that one always looked ok anyway. I was hoping that disabling the photo ground tiles would leave me with a similiar style image, but done wth standard ground textures. But what I got were bush strips in the middle of housing estates :)

I might try later on again but this time with BEV textures, just to see if the autogen implementation is done differently.

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