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Strange MT flights...


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Hi all,

with MT2006 installed I see lot's of AI traffic (I guess the "MT" label all around me belong to Mytraffic).

It is phantastic, everything is working as it should and it's lots of fun. In the last few days I made seven small hops from Lübeck (EDHL) to Insbruck (LOWI) in the Dreamfleet Baron and saw lots of AI planes behave perfectly.


1.) I have seen a very high number of Bundeswehr helicopter flights. Basically more then commerical airliners. Even at airports like Stutgart.

Is that a bug or a feature?

Aside from that it was a funny sight to see a Huey taxing to the active :)

2.) During a particular night hop (flying IFR) I found myself surronded by some Piper Cups, Catanas and other very light planes, which I assumed were not IFR equiped. Prejudice on my side? Is MyTraffic 2006 taking the current meterological condidtions (in terms if VFR/IFR) into account when generating flights?

3.) Some of these guys are very rude ;-) I got nearly blown out of the sky by an airliner while approaching Bremen. Does AI traffic "sees" me when airborne? On the ground they usualy wait or ATC orders me to stop taxiing - but in the air?

4.) Is it possible to lay more emphasis on particular types of traffic? During my recent germany trip (including bigger airports, EDDL, EDDW, EDDS) I saw only two or three Lufthansa flights. Can this number be raised by configuration?



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Let us see. Several questions require several answers.

1. While Bundeswehr has many helicopters, about 900 compared to 250 LH planes, so that makes some sense. I placed myself to EDDW as test. Traffic toolbox shows 52 Lufthansa planes in the 90miles circle, and 77 German Army, so it looks like very reasonable. 4 of these Lufthansa were at EDDW, again a reasonable number, maybe a bit too high, since oftenly you see 0 LH there. Nothing can be done against helicopter taxi but deleting it completely.

2. AI Traffic has to be around the clock. If you would park the GA aircraft over night, you would have to provide a parking for each of them. Doing so would require to either have very little GA flights only during day or to have hundreds of them parking, hitting performance too hard.

3. No, they do not see you. AI means artificial intelligence, that says it all :lol:

4. You can do all that using the MyTraffic editor, work yourself through the manual and define first what you want, than make some simple experiments, and once you are traffic born go to bigger projects, but as you see above, there is enough LH around. If you do not have so many LH, you do have MyWorldAirports active. You do have the MyTraffic airports, or do you use addon airports. In the latter case, what happens on them is out of my control, if the authors only allow for 4 or 5 airliners to act on them I can give you 100 schedules, 96 or 97 of them will never show up and be deleted by FS9.

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