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For all beta testers, Service Pack 1


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Dear beta testers,

(others may, depending on experience how to make backups first ;-)

I compiled several of the small fixes proposed here, plus a few improvements and a few new items into one service pack. The more detailed list below. Please download http://www.fsrail.com/MT2006SP1.zip .

Unzip, read the installation instructions first! and do what it instructs. It needs a few things to be deleted first to be sure no unnecessery files are lying around.

Here the list of contents and the installation instructions:

This is a small collection of modifications and add ons to MyTraffic 2006. It can be applied to

a) The download version obtained from Simmarket

b) The boxed version obtained from Aerosoft

c) The MyTraffic demo version

Please read the installation instructions before you install the package.



Some large airports (KJFK, EDDF, EHAM,...) showed no ILS frequencies in the map window or other windows. The airports get replaced by this Fix.

Some military airports in Germany and Peru produced a blue rectangle on the map window. Files that create these get deleted.

The CH53 Stallion helicopter had occasionally be observed to park with its belly in the ground. This gets fixed with this version by replacing the model by a new, reworked one.

The A330-200 calls non-existing strobe effects.


Boeing 727-100 model with improved performance.

CH53 Stallion helicopter with improved performance.

A340-500 and A340-600 textures reduced in size for a minimal performance gain.

New items:

New aircraft model: Boeing 737-900 in all existing liveries.

New aircraft model: Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

Four more paints of the Boeing 727-100: First Air, Air Nauru, Icelandair (2x)

Schedules for the new aircraft models.

Import files for the MyTraffic editor for the new aircrafts.

Adoption of some airports for the new aircrafts.

A tool collection to mass convert aircraft day textures to DXT1, DXT3, mip mapped or non mip mapped textures. Read the file readme.txt in the Aircraftmods directory.


Please delete the following directories in the FS9 directory:



Please delete the following files:

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHB_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHC_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHF_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHL_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHM_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHN_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\SPLP_Poly_LWM.bgl

Than execute the 4.0a patch and let it install to the FS9 main directory.

If you want to check if all installed well, just go to KBAD. See the B52?

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Yes. If you have MT2004, you should install the patch to a temp directory.

Than, you can move the new/redone airports, the new/redone aircrafts and the aircraftsmod directory over to your FS9 install, and do everything with it. Since there are import files for the editor for the B52 and the B739, you can add them in.

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