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i installed traffic2006; before, i used other "hand-made" traffic bgl, especially for corsica island, from the site of "virtual corsair"

you have some different small bgl files:

- military (LFKS / LFKB / LFKC / LFKJ)

- civil security (canadair with water drop ; LFKJ / LFKB )

- aeropostal (LFKJ)

- CCM airlines (LFKB / LFKJ / LFKF / LFKC)

these 4 bgl traffic files are installed in scenery/world/scenery path

the 3 first work perfectly with traffic2006

but for the last , i can never see any CCM aircraft!

does traffic2006 use special afcad? how to force priority (parking codes?)to see all the CCM traffic?

if possible, i prefer not to edit traffic to insert CCM inside traffic2006.

thanks for help

pierrot - FMEP Reunion

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It is not clearto me what you refer too?

MyTraffic2006 installs very large bgls to scenery/world/scenery and airports to addon scenery/myworldairports/scenery. So maybe we have to sort out first what you have installed in which order of priority etc before we can help on the detail.

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these personnal traffics for Corsica were installed before MT2006

after i installed MT2006

some of them continue to work : military, civil security, aeropostal

i think that they use gates and parkings not used by MT2006.

traffic for CCM airline doesn't appear; i tried to affect atc_parking_codes=CCM in the aircaft.cfg of all concerned aircraft

with afcad , i assigned CMM for all parking codes of corsica airports.

i don't understanf why it doesn't give priority to theses places for CCM?

thanks for help

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I understand a bit more. So you have a set of third party aircrafts and third party schedules in addition to the MyTraffic schedules and want these to show up.

You are using the MyTraffic airports or third party ones?

I recommend that you temporarily renam scenery/world/scenery/MyTrafficline.bgl to MyTrafficline.bgl.passive to ensure that there are free slots for airliners at your airports. If the flights show up now, than it is a just a matter of slots that FS9 decides not to show the schedules. and you can use MyTraffic editor to solve this out, we can discuss how if this is the case.

If the aircrafts still do not show up, and you are using the MyTraffic airports, what comes into my mind is the parking radius. If the models that you have do have parking radii bigger than the PAI/MyTraffic standards, FS9 will not display your flights. In this case increasing the radii with AFCAD will help.

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thanks for answer

i'll try as soon as possible

in the meantime, i read the doc of MT2006, concerning TTools traffic:

8) How do I use Ttools flightplans with MyTraffic?

The easiest way to do this is to compile the flightplans using Ttools and place it in the [Flight Simulator 9\ Scenery\World\Scenery\] directory, along with the MyTraffic bgl files. Beware that using too many such Ttools compiled flight plans may overload certain airports as the Editor already generates enough traffic to fill most major airports to their ‘virtual’ capacity.

maybe places are already filled with MTtraffic, and no place free for my other traffic (CCM) in Poretta LFKB.

now, on Solenzara LFKS, mil airport, i think it's not used by MT, and my traffic works; same for Civil security (C415 canadair), in Ajaccio LFKJ, with reserved parkings, small radius, and cannot be occupied by big aircrafts of MT.

i'll post answer when ending trial.

Pierrot - FMEP

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i just tried :

temporarily renam scenery/world/scenery/MyTrafficline.bgl to MyTrafficline.bgl.passive

in fact , my "CCM traffic" works.

how does "passive" work? i think that big aircrafts traffic (airbus, boeing) is out, but small aircrafts still remain.

on other part, i verified that radii in my afcad were large enough.


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So, it is more or less clear what happens.

Renaming a .bgl file to .bgl.passive is a clean way to ensure it isn't used, and very easily to be reverted by removing the .passive again.

What this little test shows is that nothing is wrong with your schedules. It is just FS9 during it's "Loading traffic" phase doing the following:

Every schedule it loads, it makes some checks if these can be loaded. I.E., if there is a free parking available for initial parkings. Since MyTraffic is programmed to use all available slots, your schedules just get ignored.

So, I do not know how your schedules get generated, and we do not know in which order the files get read. It can be the naming order or the date order, both are claimed in literature.

Try to rename the small traffic bgls to get to the other side of My... with their names, by adding an A or a Z in front of the name? We would be very interested to learn if that helps.

If these schedules are older than the My...bgls, can you compile them new? That would cover the time order.

Can you modify anything on them? In that case,setting the priority of them to 1, recompilation, and than reduction of traffic density should help to let them show up.

Last not least, you can always use AFCAD2 to add half a dozen more parkings of suitable size, if all the above does not help and you do not know hoe to do that let us know.

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thanks for detailed answer

it's interseting to understand the way how it works.

traffic was given in bgl files only

i modified them with AITM to replace some aircrafts not installed.

recompiled with TTools

i'll try changes for names or dates as soon as possible, and tell you the result.

i saw i had another problem, but i solved it: for an ATR72, the part of aircraft.cfg for a new texture didn't match because the line sim= wasn't the same as the *.air file!


pierrot - FMEP

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i made trials for:

Try to rename the small traffic bgls to get to the other side of My... with their names, by adding an A or a Z in front of the name? We would be very interested to learn if that helps.

my former perso file "Traffic_VCA_CCM.blg", renamed to "ATraffic_VCA_CCM.blg"; it seems it gives priority to CCM aircrafts in parking places, and also CCM flights appear in the window of SDK traffic explorer.

i'll make other trials to confirm


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